Interior of Odd Birds is fun and funky.

St. Augustine's bar scene is ever-growing and ever-evolving. From swanky lobby bars to artsy craft cocktail bars to no-frills dive bars, unique St. Augustine bars are plenty. If you're looking for something different, maybe with a little more flare, we suggest you give these unique St. Augustine bars a try.

And in our hometown, there are plenty of unique bars in Orlando. Now, let's get exploring!

Unique St. Augustine Bars in Downtown/Historic District

  • Tipsy Duck Parlor
  • The Gifted Cork
  • Spinster Abbott’s
  • Forgotten Tonic
  • Prohibition Kitchen
  • Trade Winds Lounge
  • Kings Head British Pub
  • Stogie’s 
  • Isabela’s Bar Cuba

Tipsy Duck Parlor at the Bath Junkie

58 Hypolita St. (side entrance), St. Augustine, FL 32084

  • JW Marriott Bonnet Creek Spa
  • Amber Brooke Farms ad

This unassuming shop drew me in because of all the rubber duckies. I thought my kid would like to look at them, so we popped in to see what it was all about. To my surprise, this place is SO MUCH MORE than rubber duck decor. You can find bath products and a make your own scent bar; and, tucked away beyond all that is the speakeasy of all speakeasies, find the Tipsy Duck Parlor! 

This corner shop and bar pops with blue and pink exterior hues. Photo by Maria DiCicco
Tipsy Duck Parlor; photo by Maria DiCicco

Sit on the kookiest of chairs (aka duck legs!) and drink cocktails with sprinkles from a tiny bathtub. Talk about a palate cleanser. Don’t forget to photograph your garnish… you guessed it: a little rubber duckie.

At Tipsy Duck, you can design your own hard soda or cream soda with up to three flavors, go for a mimosa flight, a cocktail, wine or beer. If this isn’t just the most silly fun you’ve had at a bar, then I don’t know what is. Go with the gals for your next special occasion for a quacky time. 

Wine Tasting at the Gifted Cork

64 Hypolita St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

This lovely small business and wine store is more than meets the eye. Stop in to peruse the wine themed gift products, but stay for some wine tasting.

Go for their four tastings for $10 deal, or just stop in for a glass of wine during their happy hour from 4-6pm. With cozy interiors and laid back seating, you’ll enjoy a quiet respite here. 

Cozy seating, like this brown couch, invite patrons to enjoy wine in style.
Gifted Cork; photo by Maria DiCicco

Spinster Abbotts

61 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32084

This new bar on the scene is a cool community focused, vintage-charged small business. Bringing in locals who might be looking for quick grab-and-go items, the bar also acts as a retro grocery store of sorts. It’s a bit of a secret what’s hiding behind those walls since they’re so new to town, so this unique St. Augustine bar is worth checking out.

The lounge will make you feel right at home, and if you even want to – you can spend the night in their attached AirBnB rental. 

Forgotten Tonic

6 Aviles St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

Creative, hip and vintage – the three things I like to think sum up the St. Augustine crowd quite well And Forgotten Tonic has ticked all three boxes. The list of cocktails is long, so you’ll need a while to read through (it’s 24 pages!), but on it you can find anything from sugar cane and agave based drinks, gin and whiskey blends full of personality, and so much more.

Prohibition Kitchen

119 St. George St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

This gastropub right on St. George Street oozes the brick laden charm of turn of the century watering holes. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by their well-sized stage for live entertainment, and the spacious spot opens up to diners looking for lunch or a cocktail at the long bar.

Drink names are even more charming and theme-fitting for a prohibition era bar, like sazeracs and mezcal penicillin. Get a cocktail on tap, or create your own old fashioned. It may be the 1920’s inside, but it’s not outside, so bottoms up because the fuzz won’t get you for drinking there.

Prohibition Kitchen blends vintage and modern flavors.
Prohibition Kitchen; photo by Maria DiCicco

Trade Winds Lounge

124 Charlotte St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

Eclectic and quirky, the Trade Winds Lounge is a busy, packed bar full of tropical decor and happy people. Go for a drink in the tiki-style surrounds but stay to drink up the live music.

Kings Head British Pub

6460 U.S. 1, St. Augustine, FL 32095

To be fair, this is about 15 minutes north of Castillo de San Marcos but, because its among the most unique St. Augustine bars, it is worth the drive. Having just returned from England, I can say with certainty that this pub is about as British as it gets, right down to the tacky (but so on point) red telephone booth and double-decker bus parked out front.

Enjoy traditional UK pub surroundings like carpeting and a fireplace, moody interiors and, of course, flavorful bangers and mash. You can’t miss this place as the tudor-style facade evokes the feeling that it got plopped there by accident, perhaps in a hurricane… all the way from across the pond. Nonetheless, if you are looking for unique bars in St. Augustine, look no further. Chin chin!

Kings Head incorporates iconic pieces, including a red phone booth.
Kings Head British Pub (photo courtesy of Kings)


36 Charlotte St., #3646, St. Augustine, FL 32084

You bet your bottom dollar, this cozy little cottage pub attracts all sorts. Maybe you are the cigar man or celebrating a win at work. Perhaps you like listening to jazz. Maybe you like patio seating or leather couches and relaxing spaces. If any of those speak to you, then get over to Stogie’s to toast to a mellow evening.

Isabela’s Bar Cuba

19 Cuna St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

For similar vibes as Stogie’s with a more upmarket touch, discover the drinks and the walk-in humidor at Isabela’s. Its inviting and warm home-like atmosphere will have you feeling like a house guest instead of a bar patron.

Enjoy some port, some coffee, or just a hang. They’ve got everything you need.

Isabela's pairs cigars and cocktails.
Isabela's Var Cuba; photo courtesy of Isabela's

Unique St. Augustine Bars Near the Beachside

  • The Chatsworth Pub and Tea Room
  • The Tides Oyster Co.
  • Sarbez!
  • Odd Birds

The Chatsworth Pub and Tea Room

10 Marine St., St. Augustine, FL 32084

What a charming, lovely little spot for tea time, a pint or just to feel transported elsewhere for a few hours. Decor is tastefully on point with all the British vibes, clad in tartan pillows and tufted leather chairs. It’s got something for the men and the women, and it’s worthy of a stop on this list of unique St. Augustine bars.

The Tide's Oyster Co. & Grill

641 A1A Beach Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32080

Back in college, I dated a man who played the banjo and he would take me to see elderly country folk jamming on stage in tiny backwater settings. Instant floods of nostalgia hit me when I experienced the same setting at Tide’s Oyster Co.

A two-man band singing old country tunes (and I’m talking George Jones, Merle Haggard) lit up the central dance floor, inviting diners, bar-goers, and even my four-year-old daughter who likes to twirl out for a dance. 

Chilled oysters are shareable.
Tide's; photo by Maria DiCicco

If you’re looking for a throwback and a really good time with excellent people, Tides is among the unique St. Augustine bars to explore. You’ll get a different vibe every night, but the drinks are always affordable and the music is always about as old as your grandparents. If you’re into this kind of scene, do not hesitate.

Dance, play bingo, go for happy hour and what the hey… try some oysters while you’re there because they’re delicious too. 


115 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32080

I really only need five words to describe the amazing grit of this place: retro arcade with grilled cheese. Put it on your hit list for cheap beers and pinball because they’ve got all the vibes you need for a chilled out evening with friends. Play some games, check out the beer specials and hit up the website for a calendar of live music events.

Odd Bird's has dim lighting and comfortable seating.
Odd Bird's; photo by Maria DiCicco

Odd Birds Cocktail Lounge and Kitchen

200 Anastasia Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32084

Maybe you know about Odd Birds because you heard of their secret speakeasy or their uber-cool silent disco nights; or maybe you caught wind of their incredible shareable plates and crazy cocktail concoctions. Whatever brings you in, just go.

I’m still dreaming about the confusing and sexy green curry cocktail I enjoyed, paired with their signature cachapa and chicharrones appetizers. My goodness, aren't you convinced yet? Go get yourself a cocktail and soak in all the trendy, eclectic and tropical feels of this incredible establishment.

Cheers friends!