Let's eat! Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras 2024 is tastier than ever with the largest selection of food and drinks. Over 20 food and beverage booths are at Universal's Mardi Gras 2024 (keep reading for the FULL MENU). This annual festival at Universal takes place February 3 – April 17, 2024 and is perfect for date night.

In our expert guide to Universal Orlando's Mardi Gras food and beverage, we will focus mostly on Universal Studios Florida since that is where you'll find the Mardi Gras parade and concerts.

Speaking of which, if you want to view the concert lineup, parade schedule, and get tips on what not to miss then jump over to our Guide to an Epic Date at Universal's Mardi Gras.

BEST Food and Drinks at Universal's Mardi Gras 2024

After years of visiting Universal Mardi Gras, I can safely say that 2024 has a great lineup, and some of the best, food and drinks ever!

This guide covers our 8 MUST TRY Food and Drinks at Universal's Mardi Gras 2024. Then you can keep reading for the ENTIRE MENU of Mardi Gras food and drink.

Espresso Martini with special garnish and Beignets in a bag at Universal Mardi Gras 2024
Espresso Martini and Beignets 2024 – image by Dani Meyering

Plus, we cover a few disappointing foods, which you should perhaps avoid.

NEW Food and Drink Pairings (2024)

Some of the new food and drinking pairings that have caught our eye look tasty and seem like good deals. Each pairing is a $1.00 savings compared to if the two items were ordered separately.

Our favorite pairings:

  • Savory Waffle and Delirium Red pairing at the Belgium 18.99 (Belgium booth)
  • Beignets and Espresso Martini 19.99 (New York area)
  • Currywurst with Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier 18.99 (Germany booth)
  • Zabaglione with Berries with Aperol Spritz Sorbet 18.99 (Italty booth)
  • Chilaquiles Verdes with Gran Añejo Margarita 19.49 (Mexico booth)
  • Ensalada de Pulpo and Sangria Rosado 19.99 (Spain booth)
  • Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp and Butterfly Pea Blossom Tea 20.49 (Thailand booth)

One of our favorites is the Savory Waffle and Delirium Red pairing at the Belgium booth near the entrance of Universal Studios. We loved it! My husband remarked how the Delirium Red pairs well with both the Savory Waffle AND the Cookie Butter Waffle too.

We loved this pairing so much we've had it three times during this year's Mardi Gras at Universal. The Savory Waffle can be messy, and it is very oniony, but we both love it!

Savory Waffle and Cookie Butter Waffle Paired with Delirium Red at Unviersal Mardi Gras 2024
Savory Waffle and Cookie Butter Waffle Paired with Delirium Red – image by Dani Meyering

I tried it for myself and he's absolutely right this unique and berry-flavored beer goes great with both!

Top 8 MUST TRY Food and Drinks

  1. Shrimp & Crawfish Boil (New Orleans Booth in New York area)
  2. Liège Waffles – Cookie Butter Liege Waffle or Sweet & Savory Gouda & Onion Waffle (Belgium booth near park entrance)
  3. Quesabirria Birria beef in a corn tortilla with Monterey Jack, Oaxaca cheese, with birria broth (Mexico booth near Hollywood area)
  4. Pastelón and Pina Colada (Puerto Rico booth in New York area)
  5. Pancit Bihon Rice noodles (Philippines booth in San Francisco area)
  6. Bloody Mary (near New York and San Francisco areas)
  7. Beignets and Espresso Martini (New York Area)
  8. Blackberry Krewe Cocktail (Coca-Cola Market Square near Animal Actors)

All of the above food items cost about $7-$9 each and the servings were pretty generous. Drinks are about $13 – $15 depending on what size you order.

A friendly reminder, there is only one drink per person per ID.

Keep reading to see what we like about each of these drinks and food at Universal Mardi Gras, as well as some other items we've heard are great.

Shrimp & Crawfish Boil

I have had better boils at other places around town, like the best seafood restaurants in Orlando, but this is still a must. Heading to a Mardi Gras celebration without having a Shrimp & Crawfish Boil feels wrong. So while this dish won't blow you away, it will certainly have you stepping in the right direction.

Liège Waffle

My husband and I had high expectations because we loved last year's berries and cream waffle. For 2024 there are two Liège Waffles at Universal Mardi Gras, one savory and one sweet.

We both preferred the savory Gouda & Onion Waffle which had a touch of sweetness since the waffle is sweet – the same base as the Cookie Butter Waffle.

Cookie Butter Waffle at Universal Mardi Gras 2024
Cookie Butter Waffle at Universal Mardi Gras 2024 – image by Dani Meyering

Both waffles are great and they pair beautifully with the Delirium Red beer.

Quesabirria Birria

While waiting in the long line to order the Quesabirria Birria, I witnessed two different guests get right back in line to order seconds after taking their first bit. The serving size is small but this Quesabirria is so tasty! Braised beef is stuffed into a corn tortilla with Monterey Jack, Oaxaca cheese, served with birria broth. I shamelessly drank the remaining broth once my husband and I ate the Quesabirria.

You can find this tasty morsel at Mexico booth near Hollywood area.

quesabirria served with birria broth at Mexico Booth Universal Mardi Gras 2024
Quesabirria at Mexico Booth 2024 – image by Dani Meyering


The Puerto Rico booth is one of our favorites, especially around parade time, thanks to its location in the New York area of the park.

The Pastelón is certainly not going to compete with any local Puerto Rican cuisine in Orlando, but it is a great way to try this traditional dish. This tasty layered casserole of sweet plantain, picadillo beef topped with Edam cheese is hearty.

No blenders here! This Classic Pina Colada, also at the Puerto Rico booth is served on the rocks. The pineapple flavors are more forward than the coconut, and we found it more refreshing this way.

And the pairing with the Pina Colada is a $1.00 savings when purchased together.

Pancit Bihon Rice Noodles

The diverse Universal Mardi Gras menu makes for some fun experimentation. My husband, son, and I had never tried Pancit Bihon Rice Noodles before, but we'd heard great things. So during our second visit to Mardi Gras we headed to the Phillipines booth in the San Francisco area of the theme park.

We nearly ordered seconds! The Pancit Bihon Rice Noodles is a nice sized portion and made fresh. Adding the fresh squeeze of lime cut some of the saltiness and made this dish one of our favorites!

holding up a portion of Pancit Bihon Rice Noodles Phillipines Booth Universal Mardi Gras 2024 -
Pancit Bihon Rice Noodles Phillippines Booth Universal Mardi Gras 2024 – image by Dani Meyering

Bloody Mary

The Traditional Bloody Mary, spiked with New Amsterdam Vodka is not only photo-worthy but is a fun drink to share on your date night. Choose from a MILD or WILD version.

The WILD has Louisiana hot sauce and Sriracha hot chili sauce. The 24 oz version is $18.00 which seems a little pricey, but it's double the normal drink size making it shareable.

With the 20 oz souvenir cup, we got our Bloody Mary at the $15 refill price – and with all the toppings.

It comes topped with what amounts to a small snack platter. The 2024 Bloody Mary lacks the impressive toppings of previous years – I found the chicken slider to be fun, but the pickled vegetables and pickle slice lacked the variety of previous years. Still, it is a fun cocktail to share.

Wild Bloody Mary with chicken slider Universal Mardi Gras 2024
Wild Bloody Mary with chicken slider Universal Mardi Gras 2024 – image by Dani Meyering

Note, the smaller drink sizes just come with a celery stick and lime wedge garnish.


Many of the traditional New Orleans foods at Universal's Mardi Gras are disappointing. However, the beignets are a must! The soft, sugary, and the perfect boost of energy when you've been indulging all day.

And new for 2024 you can enjoy an Espresso Martini or Chicory Coffee at this same booth in the New York area!

Blackberry Krewe Cocktail

My husband and I both loved this drink! It's not too sweet, and since it isn't made with juice it felt light and refreshing.

Blackberry Krewe Cocktail at the Coca-Cola Market Square booth
Blackberry Krewe Cocktail Coca-Cola Market Square – image by Dani Meyering

The Blackberry Krewe Cocktail is made with Gin, Blackberry Syrup, and Sprite. There are three cocktails available at the Coca-Cola Market and this spot is a hidden gem! It's shady, has tables, and seating, AND if you really want to take a break and relax you can bring food and drinks into the Animal Actors show. It's geared towards kids and family but you might find it a fun break.

We haven't had a chance to stop by the Italy, Japan, and Germany booths just yet. We've heard great things about each of them.

The Chicken Schnitzel at the Germany booth near Central Park is receiving great reviews as well as the Szechuan Noodle Salad at the China booth if you like spice.

Check Out the Universal Mardi Gras Guide Map

If you think we should add some great food and drinks you've had this year, connect with us on Instagram and send us a message.

Now, let's talk about some of the food and drinks that disappointed us.

Foods to Avoid

The most traditional New Orleans and Cajun style food can be found around the New York area. It's worth getting the shrimp or crawfish bowl or perhaps some gumbo. But, overall the traditional New Orleans dishes inside the park led me to disappointment.

Candied Bacon Poutine (Canada Booth near Animal Actors and Springfield U.S.A.)

Candied Bacon Poutine

Overall the Candied Bacon Poutine at the Canada booth did not blow us away – however, it made for a hearty plate to enjoy together. The Candied Bacon is the highlight of this dish, of course, but the gravy elevated the flavors too.

A Vegan Poutine is also available – we gave it a try and it hit the spot for those craving a Poutine dish.

holding up the Candied Bacon Poutine at Universal Mardi Gras 2024
Candied Bacon Poutine Universal Mardi Gras 2024 – image by Dani Meyering

Overall it did not impress and I would not recommend it.

Take a look below at the complete menu for this year's Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando.

Universal Mardi Gras Food and Beverage Menu

Belgium Menu (2024 location near park entrance)

  • Sweet & Savory Gouda & Onion Waffle
    Warm crystalized waffle, smoked gouda, beer braised onions, black forest ham
  • Cookie Butter Liege Waffle
    Warm crystalized waffle topped with cookie butter, whipped topping, Biscoff® cookies
  • Beers: Hoegaarden or Delirium Red

Bloody Mary Bar Menu (2024 location, near San Francisco area and New York)

  • Bloody Mary Wild
    a spicy (Louisiana hot sauce and Sriracha hot chili sauce) version of a traditional Bloody Mary spiked with New Amsterdam vodka, garnished with a variety of Cajun toppings
  • Bloody Mary Mild
    mild version of a traditional Bloody Mary spiked with New Amsterdam vodka, garnished with a variety of Cajun toppings

2024 toppings include a mini chicken slider, pickled veggies, bread and butter pickle slice, and celery

Wild Bloody Mary with chicken slider Universal Mardi Gras 2024 near booth
Wild Bloody Mary with chicken slider – image by Dani Meyering

Brazil Menu (2024 location New York Area)

  • Shrimp Moqueca
    Shrimp and coconut cream stew, micro cilantro, white rice (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Pão de Queijo
    Brazilian cheese bread (Gluten-Sensitive) (Food is Vegetarian)
  • Mango Caipirinha
    Pirassununga Cachaça, Bols orange curaçao with lime juice, mango nectar, syrup, and simple syrup

Canada Menu (2024 near Springfield USA)

  • Candied Bacon & Onion Poutine
    Candied bacon spiced curly fries with caramelized onion gravy, cheese curds, spiced maple bacon and parsley
  • Vegan Wild Mushroom Poutine
    Seasoned curly fries with vegan cheddar, mushroom gravy, truffle oil
  • Drinks: Fire Cider, LaBlatt Blue Light, La Fin Du Monde Draft

Coca-Cola Market Square (2024 location near Animal Actors show)

  • BBQ Pork Sliders
    Slowcooked carnitas with cherry cola BBQ sauce
  • Orange Whoopie Pie
    Orange Soda Whoopie Pie filled with whipped topping and orange marmalade
  • Twisted Tater
    Fried spirals potato topped with choice of seasoning (seasoned salt, ghost pepper, garlic parm, sour cream and chives)
  • Drinks: a variety of cocktails made-to-order featuring Coca-Cola products
Blackberry Krewe Cocktail Coca-Cola Market Square Universal Mardi Gras 2024 near Animal Actors show
Blackberry Krewe Cocktail near Animal Actors – image by Dani Meyering

Colombia Menu (2024, New York Area)

  • Arepas de Choclo(GS, V)
    Traditional sweet corn cake filled with cheese and griddled with honey butter
  • Colombian Burger
    Grilled burger with Monterey Jack cheese, pineapple cabbage slaw, cilantro garlic sauce, potato sticks
  • Oblea
    Crispy wafer filled with dulce de leche, strawberries
  • Drink: Aguardiente Punch
    Cumbe Aguardiente, lime juice, simple syrup, blackberry concentrate, berry gummies

China Menu (2024, San Francisco Area)

  • Szechuan Noodle Salad
    Spicy cold noodle salad with cucumbers, peanuts, cilantro, scallions (contains peanut) (Vegan)
  • Spicy Smashed Cucumber
    Spicy marinated cucumbers with peanuts, cilantro, scallions (contains peanut) (Vegan)
  • Potstickers
    Pork potstickers served with a black vinegar and chili oil dipping sauce

France Menu (2024, Hollywood area)

  • Bananas Foster Crème Brûlée Crepe
    Banana caramel, vanilla cream, fresh bananas, whipped topping, brûléed su
  • Grand Framboise Slush
    A decadent mélande of Grey Goose vodka, Gabriel Boudier Créme de Framboise, raspberry purée, white chocolate syrup
  • Charles De Fére Cuvee
  • Patient Cottat Sauvignon Blanc
  • Feudo Maccari Grillo
  • Domaine du pavillon Chavannes Côte De Brouilly

Germany Menu (2024, in between Hollywood and New York areas)

  • Chicken Schnitzel with Käsespätzle
    Fried crispy chicken thigh cutlet served with mustard and a lemon wedge
  • Currywurst
    Crispy skin German bratwurst sliced and topped with a spicy curry ketchup (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Käsespätzle
    Cheese spätzle topped with crispy onions (Food is Vegetarian)
  • Bavarian Pretzel with Obatzda
    Warm pretzel with Bavarian beer cheese dip (Food is Vegetarian)
  • Mutzen
    Fried lemon-vanilla fritters dusted with powdered sugar

Italy Menu (2024, New York area)

  • Roman Suppli
    Mozzarella and provolone filled risotto with vodka sauce, roasted red pepper aioli
  • Zabaglione with Berries
    Frangelico anglaise with mixed berries topped with toasted hazelnuts (*Contains alcohol)
  • Aperol Spritz Sorbet
    Aperol aperitivo with blood orange sorbet
  • Wines: Bollini Pinot Grigio, Querceto Chianti, Bertani Valpolicella

Mexico Menu (2024, Hollywood area)

  • Chilaquiles Verdes
    Tortillas topped with chile braised shredded chicken, salsa verde, cilantro onion mix with lime crema and cotija cheese (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Quesabirria
    Birria beef in a corn tortilla with Monterey Jack, Oaxaca cheese, served with birria broth
  • Churro Loops & Chocolate
    Cinnamon sugar churro loops with Mexican chocolate dipping sauce (Food is Vegetarian)
  • Classic Margarita
    el Jimador blanco tequila, lime juice, Dekuyper triple sec, agave nectar, smoked sea salt
  • Gran Añejo Margarita
    Jose Cuervo Añejo tequila, DeKuyper Triple Sec, lime juice, agave, smoked sea salt
  • Modelo, Modelo Chelada Lime, Modelo Chelada Pineapple,
  • Agua Frescas: Mango, Strawberry, Jamaica Hibscus

New Orleans Menu (2024, New York area)

  • Crawfish & Shrimp Boil(GS)
    mixed bag of crawfish, shrimp, andouille sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob (gluten-sensitive)
  • Crawfish Étouffée
    Creamy crawfish and vegetable stew over white rice
  • Chicken & Andouille Jambalaya
    Mixed rice with andouille, blackened chicken, peppers and tomatoes
  • Fried Green Tomato Po'Boy
    Flash fried green tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles and Cajun remoulade served with Cajun kettle chips (Vegan)
  • Shrimp Gumbo
    Stew of trinity, shrimp, andouille and bacon over white rice
  • Beignets (Vegetarian)
    sweet fried pastry dusted with powdered sugar
  • Category 5 Punch
    Myers's Dark rum, Cruzan Aged Dark rum, passionfruit purée, mixed with grenadine, orange and lime juice
  • Espresso Martini
    Brewed coffee, JF Haden Espresso liqueur, New Amsterdam vodka, black sugar syrup
  • Chicory Coffee 16oz
    Chicory coffee, toasted marshmallow syrup, with toasted marshmallow cold foam
Fried Green Tomato Po’ Boy – Image from Universal Orlando

Philippines Menu (2024, San Francisco area)

  • Pancit Bihon
    Rice noodles, sautéed vegetable, pulled chicken, garlic, soy sauce
  • Crispy Lumpi
    Pork filled crispy rice paper roll with dipping sauce
  • Pandan Cheesecake
    Pandan cheesecake with whipped topping, shaved toasted coconut
  • Buko Juice
    Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, pandan extract, smoked sea salt. Served in a souvenir coconut cup
  • San Miguel: European-style pale lager

Puerto Rico Menu (2024, New York area)

  • Pastelón
    A layered casserole of sweet plantain, picadillo beef topped with Edam cheese (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Bacalaitos
    Crispy salt cod fritters with bell peppers, cilantro and onions served with mayo ketchup
  • Pastelitos de Guayaba
    Guava filled puff pastry with powdered sugar (Food is Vegetarian)
  • Piña Colada
    Ron del Barrilito Santa Ana Overproof rum, lime juice, coco cream, pineapple juice, smoked sea salt
  • Fanta Piña Colada

Spain Menu (2024, New York Area)

  • Ensalada de Pulpo
    Traditional Spanish salad with octopus, fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, sherry vinegar (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Papitas Bravas
    Seasoned crispy potatoes, paprika aiol (Gluten-Sensitive) (Vegan)
  • Crèma Catalana
    Brûléed citrus milk custard with candied orange peels
  • Sangria Flight
    sangria tinto, sangria blanco, and sangria rosado

Thailand Menu (2024, San Francisco Area)

  • Green Papaya Salad with Shrimp
    Sautéed shrimp on a salad of shredded green papaya, carrots, with Thai basil, peanuts, tossed in a spicy Thai dressing (*contains peanut) (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Green Curry with Chicken
    Spicy green curry chicken with shiitake mushrooms, eggplant, snap peas, red bell pepper, jasmine rice (Gluten-Sensitive)
  • Chicken Satay
    Marinated grilled chicken skewer with Thai cucumber, topped with peanut sauce (*contains peanut)
  • Butterfly Pea Blossom Tea
    New Amsterdam gin, butterfly tea matcha, passion fruit syrup, mint syrup, simple syrup, lime juice in pipette (also available as a mocktail)