sanford food tour

Munch and sip your way through a delightful small town on a walking food tour!

Little by little, bit by bit, Sanford is making a name for itself as a terrific small town with so much more than charm and antique shops. You would be amazed by how much is happening in Celery City, the nickname it earned for once being Florida's largest celery grower. Nary a celery field is in sight these days, but you'll find plenty of great restaurants, microbreweries and eclectic bars. So many great places, in fact, that the folks behind Limo Cycle tours (also a stellar reason to visit Sanford) decided to launch a walking food tour to give visitors a chance to taste the best of Sanford.

We checked out a tour during Sanford Food Tours‘ soft opening phase and we were absolutely thrilled with the experience. Easily rivaling the walking food tour we did this summer in Nashville, TN, this local foodie jaunt takes partakers to six hidden gems with each stop supplying a delicious example of local fare. We were #Sanfording, as the local likes to say, and it was such a delight.

At the conclusion of our three-hour, 1.25-mile stroll, our throng of giddy tourists was stuffed. There was so much food, every bite I would drive back to Sanford to have again.


  • Tours are offered Thursday through Saturday from 11am – 2pm
  • Cost is $49 per person (use promo code ODNG10 to get 10% off tickets)
  • Advance registration required

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Spoiler alert! While all tours will differ slightly from day to day, those looking forward to the surprise element of the tour might not want to savor the images below…

Tennessee Truffle small
Stop number one took us to The Tennessee Truffle, a locally-owned eatery featuring delicious southern, home cooked fare for breakfast and lunch.

biscuits and gravy small Sanford Food Tour
Our first taste of the day: house made biscuits and gravy

Park Ave Popcorn small
We sampled Snickers Popcorn at Park Avenue Popcorn for stop number 2.

popcorn flavors small
There are over 40 flavors of popcorn made at Park Avenue Popcorn

dreamy cakes small Sanford Food Tour
We arrived at Dreamy Cakes Bakery, stop number three, and enjoyed chicken salad on a croissant, green tea ice tea, Lineage coffee and chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes (shown in feature image).

apple strudel demo small Sanford Food Tour
The baker at Magnolia Square Market gave us a private demo of how she makes her apple strudel (apfel strudel) each day.

apple strudel small Sanford Food Tour
And then we each got to sample this absolutely delicious dessert!

Meatball wops hops small Sanford Food Tour
The famous “Wop-sicle” at Wop's Hops Brewing Co. was a superb meatball, which paired perfectly with a glass of Peach Cream Ale. Can't wait to go back!

wops hops 2 small Sanford Food Tour
Step inside Wop's Hops Tap Room and Restaurant for terrific unstuffy food and excellent house brewed beer. This is Sanford's first microbrewery.

making marshmallows small
Our final stop was at Wondermade where we toured the marshmallow-making facilities, decorated marshmallows and sampled plenty of fluffy treats.

marshmallows small
This trio of gourmet marshmallows was given as part of our tour