Do guys really like wine bars, romantic comedies, and those cute little desserts at Seasons 52… or are they just grinning and bearing our date night plans for our sake?  

Sure, making us gals happy pays them dividends in the long run, but sometimes we could compromise and plan a date night focused on what men really enjoy: beer and sports.  

Alright… that’s a colossal generalization, but stay with me here.  

Imagine you and your honey could go on a date night that included beer and sports AND you could still have a good time.  

It’s actually possible! Let me tell you how.  

A recent trip to World of Beers showed me that there is a lot more to beer than I ever imagined. While I was busy sipping chardonnay and cosmos, the beer industry went and got all epicurean.  

World of beers 5The novel-like beer menu at World of Beers has more than 40 draft beers as well as 11 pages of beer by the bottle. You’re not going to find a Bud Light Lime here—only craft, international, and artisanal beers allowed.  

Read through menu descriptions or chat up the very informed servers who are eager to tempt you into expanding your beer palate. Our server was especially passionate about converting female non-beer drinkers, and told me that there are tons of beers that women will really enjoy.  

I tested his declaration by ordering a beer flight, a mix of 4 draft beers he recommended I would like based on my preferences. Such fun! Turns out I am in love with the Abita Purple Haze, a Louisiana wheat ale made with puréed raspberries.    

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HER: Learning about beer is actually pretty fun, and chances are you’re going to be surprised by how great good beer tastes. And as an added perk, turns out girls who drink beer are considered to be cooler and better looking than their wine-drinking counterparts. Who knew!?  

BTW, World of Beers does have wine available by the glass if you really want to be a spoiled sport.  

Over the past few weeks since the Olympics began, women everywhere have found themselves doing the inconceivable… watching sports! Why? Because rooting for something is actually really fun.  

My theory on women and sports is that we’re not interested because we just don’t know who to root for. If we really cared about whether a team wins or loses, we might actually get engaged in watching them play.  


So, how do you begin to care about whether a team wins or loses? Wager! The next time he wants to go to an Orlando Magic game, Orlando City Soccer match, or even check out Orlando Jai-Alai, make a friendly gamble.

Could be money, house chores, back rubs, sexual favors… anything that will have her get some skin in the game. Even if she loses, the fun will be in getting caught up in the entertainment value of sports and in settling the bet afterward.    

WHAT’S IN IT FOR HER: Besides the chance that he’ll lose and you’ll finally get him to tackle that “honey do” list, you might actually enjoy yourself and discover a new pastime to enjoy together.   


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