Here’s a New Year’s Resolution that is guaranteed to improve your love life and enrich your relationship… commit to a weekly date night.  Over the past three years, I’ve been scouring Orlando for great date night options for my husband and I and then sharing them with you through my book (Great Dates Orlando) radio and TV appearances, and through this blog.

This year will be no different. I’ll continue to share with you all the awesome date night ideas I find, plus I’m also going to be highlighting the many FREE activities there are to do throughout each month. At least that crosses one hurdle off your list.

Check out my Couple’s Calendar each week to see if there is an event, festival, or outdoor movie playing near you. Search through new and old blog posts to get more ideas. And don’t forget to add your ideas and feedback.

I believe that the greatest gift anyone can give to the people they love is their time and undivided attention. It’s the ultimate relationship therapy. Commit to a weekly date night, even if it’s just a special night in or conversation and a bottle of vino, and the investment will pay you back tenfold.

Happy New Year!