EDITOR'S NOTE – As of December 11, 2023 Hungry Pants has announced its indefinite closure.

Your brunch plans this weekend = made! LGBTQ+-owned, ‘Plant-Curious’ destination, Hungry Pants, a locally-owned, fast-fine dining concept in Orlando’s SoDo District just made a series of HUGE announcements (more on that in a minute). Hungry Pants consistently ranks high for Orlando gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian cuisine with dishes like you’re about to hear about. Alongside their ‘Plant-Curious’ mission, you’ll find Hungry Pants puts food inclusivity at the center of all its dishes, with clear menu labeling and varied options for every guest. And now they offer a unique brunch in Orlando.

Hungry Pants recently announced a HUGE expansion to their on-site brunch menu with more vegan options, earlier hours throughout the week (including weekdays!), and a massive glow-up to their coffee line-up. This news left me with just one option… get there as quickly as possible! My husband and I feasted on plant-based Breakfast Burritos, Sammies, Fruta Exotica, and cocktails galore al fresco on their cozy, shaded patio.

This brunch is one for the books, and there are even weekday brunch hours!

Fruta Exotica, a large plate of exotic fruit, during Brunch at Hungry Pants Orlando
Fruta Exotica Brunch Hungry Pants Orlando – image by Allison van Tilborgh

Brunch at Hungry Pants in Orlando

As a vegan with non-vegan family and friends, this is a great inclusive brunch spot we can all agree on. My husband (also vegan) loves the tempeh sausage HPBP, while my gluten-free friends are probably more Belgian Waffle kinda gals. I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting new changes at Hungry Pants. You coming?

But first… what does ‘Plant-Curious’ mean?

Walking into Hungry Pants, you’ll find the phrase “plant-curious” all over their menus, windows, and even merchandise. It’s a huge part of their approach to food (which we love). Pick up their menu, and you will quickly see how: a great percentage of their menu is plant-forward, i.e. vegan-friendly. Just one of the reasons we come back so much: sixteen of their twenty-six main menu offerings are vegan by default (this makes Hungry Pants a great spot for vegans and vegetarians).

On a weeknight, I love feasting on their Vegan Poke Bowl and Gluten-Free Chilled Sesame Noodz.

An important point of clarification: Hungry Pants is not a vegan restaurant. Meat-eaters, like my father-in-law, will not have trouble finding dishes they find familiar to them, such as Fried Chicken Sandwiches or Cheeseburgers. Hungry Pant’s ‘Plant-Curious’ outlook makes their establishment radically inclusive, while also providing folks who may not usually partake in plant-eating the opportunity to try something new. 

Brunch Hungry Pants Orlando fruit, plant-based breakfast, specialty cocktails
Brunch Hungry Pants Orlando – image by Allison van Tilborgh

Hungry Pants Brunch Menu

A few weeks ago, I got the news that Hungry Pants was soft-rolling a new expanded on-site brunch menu. When my husband and I visited, we were totally over the moon with their vegan-by-default Breakfast Burrito (that chipotle ranch drizzle though!) and I was stunned by the beauty that is the Fruta Exotica plate (which is pretty much impossible not to snap a picture of). 

What’s more: this new brunch is also now served Tuesday-Friday from 8am-11am in addition to their normal brunch hours of Saturday-Sunday from 10am-3pm!  That means vegan/gluten-free brunch is no longer constricted to Sunday mornings… you can mimosa-the-day-away on a Wednesday morning too!

The Hungry Pant’s expanded brunch menu (“Brekkie”) includes: 

  • Fruta Exotica (V, GF) → the most beautiful breakfast I think I’ve ever seen

fresh dragonfruit, orange, grapefruit, berries, pineapple, watermelon, and kiwi served with pico fruta

  • Wakie, Wakie Sammie (V)

croissant with Just Egg, vegan cheese, tomato, arugula and shiitake bacon, served with a sweet paprika sauce

  • Breakfast Burrito (V)

refried beans, tofu scramble, brown rice & quinoa mix, shredded vegan cheese, pico de Gallo, pressed and grilled, drizzle of chipotle ranch

  • House Market Scramble*

butternut squash, roasted red pepper, sautéed kale, pepitas, goat cheese; served with fruta exotica cup, hash browns and your choice of tempeh sausage, turkey sausage or turkey bacon

  • HPBP* → my husband could probably eat his weight in this house-made tempeh sausage

2 eggs or tofu scramble, roasted tomato & button mushrooms, wheat toast, potato hash brown patties, choice of tempeh sausage, turkey bacon or turkey sausage

  • Breakfast Toast (V)

sourdough toast with avocado, pickled red onion, and shiitake bacon (option to add a fried egg)

  • Belgian Waffle (V, GF)

Served with seasonal topping and 100% pure maple syrup (option to add fried chicken or ‘shrooms, served with sriracha syrup)

  • Huevos (or No Huevos!) Rancheros*

house-made pico de gallo and refried beans served with avocado, fried tortilla, chipotle ranch, and your choice of two eggs or turmeric tofu scramble

HPBP Plate for Brunch Hungry Pants Orlando
HPBP Plate for Brunch Hungry Pants Orlando – image by Allison van Tilborgh

Baked goods: 

  • Black Bean Brownie (V, GF)
  • Sour Orange Pie (VEG)
  • Chocolate Silk Pie (V)
  • Coffee Cake (V)
  • Croissants (V)
  • Tiramisu by Pamela Wasabi Bakery (V, GF) → absolutely delicious
  • Seasonal Cheesecake by Pamela Wasabi Bakery (V)
  • Pastry Flight

Desserts at Hungry Pants Orlando
Desserts at Hungry Pants Orlando – image by Allison van Tilborgh

V = Vegan | VEG = Vegetarian  | GF = Gluten Free | *Can Be Modified To Be Made Vegan

New Coffee Menu at Hungry Pants

As if this news was not already enough, Hungry Pants concurrently began a partnership with Miami-based roastery Panther Coffee to bring high-quality espresso drinks to their fast-fine menu! Part of the upgrade involved plugging in a state-of-the-art espresso machine, and the other part meant finding the perfect roasting partner, which they found in Panther. 

As an oat-milk cappuccino girl, this upgrade is a huge deal. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed their Iced Matcha Oat Milk Latte and Farm Boy Kombucha as much as the next girly, but no brunch is truly complete without a warm cup of joe!

You can now enjoy any of the following beverages over a coffee date: 

  • Ready Brew Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Cappuccino → order with nutmeg for autumn vibes
  • Latte 
  • Cold Brew

Panther Coffee beans and merchandise are also now available for purchase at Hungry Pants. 

Hungry Pant’s Boozy Brunch Beverages

Already got your coffee fix? No problem. Pair your brunch with one of their new-ish sake-forward breakfast beverage pairings in Hungry Pant’s adorable glasses instead: 

  • Rosemary Spritz

citrus vermouth, rosemary, and champagne topped with a dash of grapefruit juice

  • Lavender Sake Spritz → this boy has a kick! definitely accompany with a tall glass of water!

sake mixed with flavors of lavender and ginger topped with a dash of soda water

  • Citrus Spritz

sake mixed with grapefruit vermouth, lemon juice, and a touch of simple syrup, topped with soda water

  • Turmeric Sake Lemonade

sake mixed with lemon, turmeric and house-made simple syrup

  • SoDo Bird

grapefruit vermouth mixed with pure orange juice

  • Sake Bloody Mary

sake blended with tomato juice and garnished with a mixed olive skewer

  • Caddyshack

sake paired with a mix of black tea and lemonade

  • Kombucha Mule

sake mixed with honey-ginger kombucha topped with lime

  • Brunch Punch → tastes like Summer in a glass!

sake topped with pure orange juice, lemon, hibiscus with a champagne float

photographer holder Brunch Cocktail at Hungry Pants Orlando
Brunch Cocktail at Hungry Pants Orlando – image by Allison van Tilborgh

Hungry Pants Debuts New Longer Hours

In a win for the entire Orlando community, Hungry Pants also announced new expanded hours! This expansion means earlier opening times, aka more opportunities to grab a coffee or snack on the way to work or indulge in a mid-week brunch (I won’t judge you). 

With their expanded brunch menu and new availability of espresso products, this officially makes Hungry Pants the perfect pre-work recharge spot in Orlando. 

Hungry Pants Hours: Tuesday – Thursday (8am – 8pm), Friday (8am – 9pm), Saturday (10am – 9pm), Sunday (10am – 8pm) and Closed on Mondays

Dining at Hungry Pants

Get your brunch on at Hungry Pants in Orlando’s SoDo Distract at 3421 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32806. I’ll see you there!

Learn more at www.eathungrypants.com.