While Disney Cruise Line is absolutely the best cruise line for families, don't be scared to book a Disney cruise if you're traveling without kids. Or, if you are traveling with kids but crave some quiet time just you and your partner, there is plenty to do. After many experiences aboard Disney Cruise Line, I can safely say it is one of the best cruises for couples.

My husband, preschool-age son, and I sailed aboard the Disney Dream for four nights last year. And we recently enjoyed 7 nights aboard the Disney Fantasy. We loved many of the Disney Cruise Line features just for adults. There are so many adult amenities it is possible for you to enjoy a Disney Cruise while hardly ever seeing any kids. I promise.

Let's set sail to take a look at the wonderful things just for adults on Disney Cruise Line.

Relax at Adult Only Pools and Hot Tubs

The adults-only pools and hot tubs are alluring. Each Disney Cruise ship has the Quiet Cove Pool which is located towards the front of the ship or “Forward”. This relaxing pool makes it easy to get into vacation mode. Instrumental, calm music wafts over the air, and nearby bars beckon. In this adults-only pool deck you're able to escape the high energy of the family pools. And if you do have kids on board, you're just steps away from the main areas if you need to access them.

Outdoor Lounge Area of Cove Cafe Disney Cruise Line Adults Only Area features an adult pool with multiple circular sections
Quiet Cove Pool Deck – Disney Cruise Line Adults Only Area

The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder served as Disney Cruise Line's first ships and are therefore smaller than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. This means the two newer ships, the Dream and the Fantasy, have an additional adults-only pool deck which is on Deck 13 Forward.

My husband and I fell in love with the Satellite Falls Pool which is on this second adults-only deck. It is circular and shallow, making it a perfect spot to unwind.The Dream and the Fantasy also have hot tubs with a clear thick glass portion that allows you to overlook the ocean, (this is different than the Magic and Wonder's.)

Hot tub overlooking the ocean in the adults only pool deck on Disney Dream includes a clear thick glass panel to see the ocean
Hot tub overlooking the ocean in the adults-only pool deck on Disney Dream


Disney's newest ship, the Disney Wish, features an infinity pool. This is the first time a Disney cruise ship has offered an infinity pool. This adults-only pool is at the back of the ship. The adults pool area aboard the Disney Wish is quiet small compared to the other Disney Ships.

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Cove Cafe Adults Only Coffee Shop and Lounge

Ever since I set sail aboard Disney Cruise Line for the first time, some fifteen years ago, Cove Cafe became an instant favorite. This coffee shop and lounge is found on each Disney Cruise ship. Besides offering robust coffee beverages and teas, it also serves as a relaxing lounge to grab a cocktail.

There is a small case offering sweet treats throughout the day, included in the price of your cruise. Bring along a book or a magazine and feel yourself unwind here. Take a look on the walls and admire the incredible photos of Walt Disney himself on his travels and around Disneyland in California.

Lounge seating at outdoor area of Cove Cafe adults only coffee and lounge on Disney Dream cruise ship
Lounge seating at the outdoor area of Cove Cafe


On board the new Disney Wish, the Cove Cafe lacks outdoor seating, however, it does have modern Polyensian decor inspired by the animated film Moana.

You Can Spoil Yourself At Palo or Remy

Few things are as enchanting as a romantic meal together. All of your meals are included in the price of your cruise. There are quick options like sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas available near the pools for lunch and dinner. A jaw-dropping buffet restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And there are three themed restaurants. You'll be assigned a different restaurant for each night of the cruise, and your servers will rotate to each restaurant, staying with you for each dinner.

If you want to upgrade your experience you can make reservations at Palo. This gourmet Italian restaurant is adults-only and is a staple of each Disney cruise ship. A reimagined version of Palo is on the new Disney Wish cruise ship. We made reservations for our son at the Oceaneers Club and then secured reservations at Palo. You can do this beginning 30 days before your cruise, and they do fill up fast. I originally did not find an open reservation, but checked again two weeks out and was successful.

Palo adults-only restaurant on Disney Cruise Line features Venice inspired decor
Palo adults-only restaurant on Disney Cruise Line features Venice inspired decor


It had been seven years since my last Disney cruise and when we arrived in Palo it felt just as remarkable as I remember. The warm and welcoming service put me at ease. And as I browsed the menu I delighted in the fact that one of my favorite items, the Portobello Mushroom and Cheesy Polenta remained. I am not a vegetarian, but this dish is delectable and surprisingly rich.

At the new Palo Steakhouse on the Disney Wish, the menu features a balance of classic dishes that Disney Cruise Line fans love and also puts a bigger focus on steak and other indulgent meats.

A5 Wagyu Beef and Veal Osso Boco at Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish
A5 Wagyu Beef and Veal Osso Boco at Palo Steakhouse on Disney Wish


On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy you can dine at Palo, and have the option to also dine at Remy. This adults-only French restaurant is a pricer upgrade than Palo. If you want an extravagant, elegant meal then Remy is a must. Note, there is an additional cost to dining at Remy and/or Palo. Brunch at either of these adults-only restaurants is another worthy indulgence.

Pro-tip: Don't forget that Room Service is included in the price of your cruise. You can order breakfast in advance by placing your order on a provided Room Service order form that you hang on your stateroom door the night before. What's more romantic than breakfast in bed? We loved nibbling on croissants and fresh fruit while sipping our coffee each morning. Or if you need a midday break from the sun, order Room Service for lunch.

Room Service is included in the price of your Disney Cruise - a plate of Danish pastries and croissants with coffee and fresh fruit sit on a deck in a Disney cruise stateroom
Room Service is included in the price of your Disney Cruise


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Take Care of Your Health at Senses Spa and Gym

Not every couple is this way, but in our case, we are early risers thanks to our son. Even if you're not normally easy risers consider getting up a little early at least on one morning of your cruise. Seeing the sunrise while on the upper decks is breathtaking.

On the first full morning of our cruise I attended a 7:30am pilates class. Outside on one of the upper decks we stretched and worked our bodies as the sun finished rising and the Disney Dream pulled into port. It is one of my top memories of this recent cruise.

Disney Cruise Line upper decks at sunrise


Another morning I headed up to the fitness center. And enjoyed a little cardio and strength workout. The cardio machines overlook the water – so energizing. The fitness center is part of the adults-only spa area making it a relaxing visit even if you're just there for a quick workout.

Fitness center aboard Disney Cruise Line in the early morning with elliptical machines and treadmills overlooking the ocean
Fitness center aboard Disney Cruise Line in the early morning

Find Paradise on Serenity Bay – Disney's Adult Only Beach

With five Disney Cruise ships and more on the way, there are destinations all around the world to sail. For me, it is hard to beat a Disney Cruise with a stop at Castaway Cay on the itinerary. Most Caribbean and Bahamian cruises with Disney include a stop at this private island paradise.

I love Castaway Cay, deeply. Imagine the theming and details of Disney on a private island. There are touches of Disney characters, but not all over the place.

Conched Out Bar near main beach on Castaway Cay amid blue skies and lush palm trees
Conched Out Bar near main beach on Castaway Cay


There are multiple bars on the island and a few spots to grab lunch. The barbecue lunch served on Castaway Cay is one of my favorite meals of any Disney cruise. My first bite of the potato salad ignited memories of all my past cruises, it was like coming home.

Take the tram from the main beach over to Serenity Bay. This secluded beach is just for adults. This adults-only beach just on its own could serve as the top reason Disney is one of the best cruises for couples.

It is decidedly smaller and narrower than the main beach, but it is quiet and calm. There are sets of two lounge chairs and two upright chairs and plenty of umbrellas for shade. Lunch is served here too in case you don't want to travel back to the main part of the island.

If you're traveling with kids you'll want to get on the island as soon as you can. The kids' activities area on the island, known as Scuttle's Cove is open until 3:30pm, and is first-come, first-served. On our recent cruise, we enjoyed some time on the main beach with our son first thing in the morning, then headed to Scuttle's Cove so he could have fun while we escaped to Serenity Bay for a little bit.

Upon arriving at Serenity Bay I delighted in the enhancements made to Castaway Air Bar, the bar located at the entrance to Serenity Bay. The last time I set foot on this tranquil adult beach there wasn't much to this bar. Now there is lounge seating and a few pairs of Adirondack chairs. A 10:00am yoga class on the beach, already in progress, tempted me.

Instead, I mosied up to the bar and ordered the Konk Kooler, a signature drink blend of coconut cream and dark rum. I just had to raise a glass to being back at one of my favorite places on Earth, with my wonderful husband.

Lounge seating at Castaway Air Bar on Serenity Bay adults only beach features a wooden deck and views of tranquil ocean water
Lounge seating at Castaway Air Bar on Serenity Bay adults only beach

Entertainment and Lounges Just for Adults

The nightlife aboard Disney Cruise Line is surprisingly robust. There are multiple bars and lounges, as well as one main nightclub. During the day various events, including some for families and some just for adults, are hosted here. Then when the sun goes down things kick up a notch as each venue becomes adults only. I've been on multiple cruises for couples, across multiple cruise lines, and Disney's nighttime venues are some of the best.

Some lounges are for relaxing and conversation. The main nightclub is full of energy and offers entertainment catered to adults including comedy shows and live performances. Then as the late evening creeps in the main nightclub turns into an ultra dance club. There's also a pub on each Disney Cruise ship, great for sporting events and hanging out.

During our cruise, we did not get much time in the adult lounges since we had our son along with us. During our date night at Palo, while our son enjoyed the Oceaneer Lab and Club, we ventured to Pink Wine and Champagne Bar. This intimate, stylish lounge became the perfect way to kick off our quick date night. I sipped on a cocktail topped with bubbly while my husband savored one of the best Old Fashion drinks he's ever had — with a matching high price tag we quickly learned.

Pomegranate Passion Cocktail at Pink Champagne Lounge adults-only nighttime district features muted pink and gold tones and stylish decor
Pomegranate Passion Cocktail at Pink Champagne Lounge adults-only nighttime district

New Lounges on the Disney Wish

Disney's newest ship has a Star Wars themed bar, a hidden bourbon bar, and more. The lounges of the Disney Wish are all brand new, and offer an improvement in design compared to the previous ships.

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Disney Cruise Beverage Seminars – 21+ Only

Another way to enjoy some adults-only time and great drinks is with a beverage seminar. Every day on each Disney cruise you'll find a few beverage seminars ranging from beer, champagne, bourbon, and more. Reservations are required and do book up pretty quickly. The amount of beverages seminars, every day, are another reason Disney is one of the best cruises for couples.

Remember, you can book onboard activities, specialty dining, and port adventures 30 days in advance. Prices range from $30 – $50 per person. The seminars are held in the adult lounges, giving you another chance to experience these beautiful venues.

Pink Champagne Lounge on Disney Dream - comfortable velvety seating with muted pink and gold tones
Pink Champagne Lounge on Disney Dream

Important Information

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