A Perfect Day at Historic Cocoa Village + Rockledge Gardens

Have you ever had the perfect Florida day? There's something so remarkable about a day spent exploring a Florida destination you haven't been to before. On our first visit my husband, son, and I fell in love with a special place that is often overlooked: Historic Cocoa Village.

It's easy to focus on places like Cocoa Beach or Port Canaveral when you're headed out to Florida's Space Coast. But just before you reach the shoreline you'll find the city of Cocoa, and within it is a charming shopping, dining, and recreation destination that was established over 100 years ago. Located along the Indian River, Downtown Cocoa Village combines a beach town setting with unique, historic charm perfect for visitors to spend the day exploring.

Rumor has it that back in the 1880s, a woman would supply hot cocoa to the sailors as they traveled along the river, hence the name “Cocoa Village.” Today, this walkable destination sits along Brevard Avenue, Harrison Street, and Delannoy Avenue is bustling with a blend of quaint shops, restaurants, art galleries, and historic sites.

Here's how we explored, where we ate, and where we shopped.

Updated February 2023.

Cocoa Village Restaurants

Exploring Cocoa Village on foot is easy to do. It's easy to stay fueled, fed, and happy. And the sheer amount of Cocoa Village Restaurants can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are tons of places filled with good food and array of different types of cuisine.

Some of the Cocoa Village Restaurants include:

  • OSSORIO Bakery and Café
  • The Village Bier Garten
  • Pub American
  • Rebellion Wine Bar
  • Marino's Restaurant and Bar
  • Village Ice Cream and Sandwich
  • Village Idiot Pub
  • Cyderman's Barbecue
  • Dirty Oar Beer Company
  • Tin Whiskey
  • Hogan's Irish Pub

The charming setting is perfect for outdoor seating at one of the many restaurants, breweries, or cafes. There are enough choices you could plan to have every meal of the day here. Explore on your own or join the Cocoa Village Food Tour with Village Food Tours for a tasty overview of the local options.

Start your morning like a Parisian at French Delights Bakery. From decadent French pastries to gourmet breakfast items, it's easy to grab a seat, sip on your coffee and nibble away.

Dining area and pastry display case at French Delights Bakery Cocoa Village
French Delights Bakery Cocoa Village – Dani Meyering

If you're ready for brunch or lunch then consider OSSORIO Bakery and Café. There's not an official brunch menu here, but there are numerous sweet and savory items, plus the specialty coffee options are impressive. You can also order online, pick up at the window and walk just a few steps to Taylor Park or Cocoa Riverfront Park.

Lunch and dinner options abound between the many pubs and restaurants throughout the Village. The South side of the village, near the end of Brevard Ave, tends to be less crowded, and it is easier to find parking. We tend to prefer to dine at the restaurants on this side of the village to avoid crowds as well.

Our morning of exploring Cocoa Village on our first visit led to us being hungry and ready for lunch, so we grabbed a table at the back patio of Murdock's Southern Bistro. This casual spot has sadly closed up shop and we plan to revisit the area to soon.

During our latest visit we popped into one of the newest restaurants in Cocoa Village. Rebellion Wine Bar is a perfect choice when you're on a date.

The interior is bright, modern, and welcoming. I could have listened to the music they had going for hours. What makes Rebellion Wine Bar unique is that they focus on “clean” wine – which is wine without the many additives most domestic wines in the USA tend to have.

There are many benefits to clean wine, including better taste and there is often less sugar which means less negative side effects.

A glass of wine, a glass bottle of water, and a beer sit on a dining table at Rebellion Wine Bar at Cocoa Village
Rebellion Wine Bar at Cocoa Village – Dani Meyering


Many wines are available by the glass. Had our son not been with us we would have easily ordered a bottle and relaxed for a while. The music, the food, and the personalized service all add up to a fantastic date destination that is worth the one hour drive from Orlando. Oh, and they have a great selection of unique craft beer too!

Check out George and Dragon English Tavern if you want a livelier atmosphere. This tavern boasts an outdoor patio, a stage for live music, and a cozy interior. It's the perfect place to stop for a pint.

Visit the Visit Cocoa Village website for an overview of available dining options.

George & Dragon English Tavern

Local Parks

After making the hour long drive from Seminole County, we parked on Maryland Avenue, just off Brevard Avenue and across from Murdock's Southern Bistro. It was just past 8:00 a.m. and we began walking north on Brevard Avenue, then turned onto Church Street and walked towards the water.

Soon we arrived at Cocoa Riverfront Park and I broke out into an ear to ear grin. This waterside park is host to many special events, entertainment, and festivals throughout the year, and offers beautiful views. Once my husband spotted a bench with a Jimmy Buffett song lyric painted on it, I felt right at home.

Across from Cocoa Riverfront Park is a cute strip of restaurants and other small businesses.

Cocoa Riverfront Park
Cocoa Riverfront Park

Right next to Cocoa Riverfront Park is Taylor Park. This quaint park was established in 1920. Painted benches, picnic tables, plenty of shade, and a playground make this a great spot to start your day if you arrive at Cocoa Village early. Our son played on the playground as we watched the Village wake up for the day. There is also an amphitheater where you can enjoy live music performances from time to time.

Historic Cocoa Village Shopping

I had to exercise some serious restraint when browsing the diverse shops in Cocoa Village. I am thinking a return visit in the fall to do some holiday shopping will be on my schedule later this year.

There's plenty of shade as you stroll throughout the village. Even window shopping is a delight.

Exploring Harrison Street is an absolute must-do. This short street is precious to me because it curves around a few trees, and there's also an out cove with a bench that makes way for a tree. You'll also find quite a few charming unique shops, boutiques, and cafes.

Harrison Street in Cocoa Village
Harrison Street


Brevard Avenue is the main avenue of the village. As you might expect, being near a beach town, there are plenty of Florida and beach inspired shops. But you'll also find tons of art alongside specialty shops.

Browse unique wines and foods at the Village General StoreThe Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse is here, regularly showcasing Broadway musicals, as are countless shops and eateries including Threadneedle Street Mall. Highlights of this collection of shops includes Caroline's Records. The Toy Box is right across the street and is a great stop for any family.

Historic Cocoa Village
Historic Cocoa Village – Dani Meyering


One of the highlights of our visit was a stop at The Sunshine Shop. As a Florida native, I loved being surrounded by shelves stocked with Florida gourmet sauces, cocktail mixes, and more. There's also handcrafted art, jewelry, clothing, and housewares made in Central America. Purchases from this shop benefit fair trade village communities in Central America and local Floridian food makers.

Cocoa Village Pirate Museum

Having our son with us meant we absolutely had to stop at Antilles Trading Company and Pirate Museum. This specialty store has authentic pirate costumes, fun kids' toys, and a back room with rare finds like first-edition books and props from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We bought a few little treasures to take home and were offered free tickets to the adjoining Pirate Museum as a thank you for our purchase.

The amount of detail and knowledge that is packed into the Pirate Museum impressed all three of us.

There are way too many displays and exhibits to number. A few fun photo opportunities made our visit even more memorable. It is only one room, with a small back room, but it is very well done and full of interesting details.

View a full listing of local shops at Cocoa Village.

Antilles Trading Company and Pirate Museum Cocoa Village
Antilles Trading Company and Pirate Museum

Add in a Visit to Rockledge Gardens

After our spectacular morning in Cocoa Village, we had one more destination on our itinerary. Just ten minutes down US 1, Rockledge Gardens is touted as a destination garden center. I had never heard the term, but when we pulled into the parking lot, I knew it was the perfect description.

After walking under the entrance archway, endless rows of beautiful flowers, lush plants, trees, and so many places to explore greeted us. Staff members ready to answer questions appeared at every turn. And then I heard the live music.

A garden center with live music? I rushed toward the sound to find a duo strumming along and singing on the front porch of the Farmer's Market building.

Rockledge Gardens
Rockledge Gardens

Rockledge Gardens
Rockledge Gardens


Inside the Farmer's Market building, I found stalls displaying handmade goods from local artisans. You can also purchase specialty beer or wine to take home or enjoy as you stroll through the gardens.

The Cypress Table is a catering company that used to have a small market on site offering some of their own products at Rockledge Gardens. Now they have moved to Cocoa Village itself.

We can't wait to check out their new location sometime.

I do not have much of a green thumb, so browsing the gardens was more about scenery and daydreaming. But it is such a lovely environment, especially with the live music. There's even a private event area, ideal for weddings.

Before we left Rockledge Gardens we stopped at the River Road popsicle and coffee stand. I was thankful for the dairy free options so my son could enjoy one. We went with the Grapefruit Lemonade popsicle for him, and I selected the Butterscotch Bliss bar. We sat among the gardens, enjoying our refreshing popsicles. It truly had been a perfect Florida day and wrapping up here made for the perfect ending.