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SPONSORED — When it comes to a group date night, it’s great to have some staples to lean on: dinner and drinks, a movie and dessert, appetizers and board games. 

But while everyone loves visiting their go-to spots in Orlando for group fun, you may be ready to add something new and exciting to the mix. If your group of friends is looking for a date night activity that’s a little more interactive and thrilling, an immersive escape room experience might be just the thing. Here’s why:

5 Reasons to Choose an Escape Room for a Group Date Night

It breaks up the traditional routine.

If your group is one that thrives on adventure and breaking up your routine with out-of-the-box activities, an escape room is the perfect choice. 

There’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie, but adding an escape room experience to the mix offers your group a great change of scenery.

It’s a total adrenaline rush.

In any event with a time limit, there’s always a rush of excitement to see who can race against the clock to complete a goal. That’s why we love watching competition shows like Top Chef or attending a professional basketball game — time is of the essence and the pressure’s on.

Escape rooms at The Escape Ventures Orlando put your problem-solving skills to the test. Adrenaline junkies and homebodies alike can enjoy an escape room at different levels of difficulty. There are rooms designed for all ages, abilities and experience levels. 

It’s pretty cost-effective.

Compared to many traditional date night activities, visiting an escape room is a relatively cost-effective alternative. If you’re the type of group that typically spends at least $30/person on your group activity, escape rooms will put no extra stress on your wallet. 

Rooms at The Escape Ventures typically run at about $32 plus tax per person for groups of four or more. For an hour’s worth of excitement and entertainment, it’s a pretty affordable option for a totally unique, immersive experience!

It can help strengthen bonds between couples and friends.

Escape rooms naturally ignite our desire to problem solve as a team. Sharing this type of experience is a great way to get to know each other even better. Beyond strengthening bonds between friends, it can also strengthen relationships between couples.

It’s a great way to make lasting memories.

Experiencing an escape room is almost always an unforgettable experience. And who better to do that with than your significant other and closest friends? When you’re taken out of your comfort zone and into a role-playing game that depends on working as a team to escape, there are few experiences that are more fun and memorable to enjoy together.

Bros for Life Escape Room at The Escape Ventures

Experience a Group Date Night at The Escape Ventures

If you’re ready to take your group date night to the next level, try out The Escape Ventures Orlando in Waterford Lakes, near UCF. 

With several escape rooms to choose from, there’s options for every adventurer. From Outage: No Vacancy (where 60% of your experience is in complete and total darkness), to The Satirical Miracle: A Jolly Tale of Granny’s Blackmail (where you can enjoy a Christmas-themed adventure any time of year) to Bros for Life (where you can experience one of our most epic challenges: a fraternity heist!) and more, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy.

Experience Orlando’s most immersive escape room today and make your next group date night unforgettable!

Outage: No Vacancy Escape Room and Granny's Blackmail Escape Room at The Escape Ventures

*Presented by The Escape Ventures: Located in Waterford Lakes near UCF, The Escape Ventures is Orlando's most immersive and #1 thrilling escape room experience. Guests of all experience levels are welcome to enjoy highly interactive stories in a race against the clock to escape.


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