Presented by, our hugely popular Girl’s Club series gives ladies the chance to gather for an exciting and connective night out.

Aren’t girls’ nights the best?? The laughter, the camaraderie, the commiserating! Women are just so darn good at connecting and having fun together, aren’t we?

That’s why our Girl’s Club Presented By has been so well received. Our next event will be unlike anything we have done before and will have a holiday spin!

The concept is simple: we plan a wildly fun girls’ night out experience but we don’t disclose the location or details other than the date/time until 48 hours in advance. You mark it in your calendar and then wait for the email from us with all the juicy details!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Highly curated experiences
  • Amazing locations in central Orlando and Winter Park
  • Playful and interactive activities
  • Facilitated experiences that will have you making new friends and connecting more deeply with old ones
  • Laughter until you nearly pee your pants and connection that overflows your heart with happiness


Most of the details for each event stay completely secret until a few days before we meet up. We’ll only reveal a few need-to-know details, such as a general idea of the location, ahead of time. Everyone who has purchased a ticket will be emailed all of the details two days ahead of time.


Our next Girl’s Club presented by event is taking place on Tuesday, December 10, from 7:30-9:30pm in the downtown area.

We won't be serving food at this event, but we're starting later (7:30pm) to give you the time to dine at one of the dozens of restaurants nearby AND we're keeping costs down with this one, since we know the holidays are such a wallet suck.


Book your spot for just $5 plus the small Eventbrite fee. You’ll get an Eventbrite ticket that locks you into the event. Tickets go on sale Sunday, November 17, 2019:


Are there refunds allowed? We do not accept refunds or last-minute cancellations. No shows will not be given event credits.

I have to pay $5 to register ahead of time and then pay for my experience onsite, correct? Yes! Your registration fee pays for the cost of us planning the event, scouting out amazing locations, and designing fun and connective experiences. At each event, you’ll pay no more than $20-30 (+tax/tip) for the night’s food/drink package.

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