The world is becoming slightly obsessed with nature's slowest mammals, so much so that there's now an International Sloth Day. To celebrate, Wild Florida will host their first Sloth Week October 15 – 20 and offer free admission for everyone to its Gator and Wildlife park all week long.

Packed with live demonstrations, interactive experiences and other sloth-related activities, this sloth celebration will give locals and visitors the opportunity to pay homage to our favorite sluggish species. Visitors will also enjoy a ton of other Everglades experiences, including airboat rides and access to Wild Florida's Gator and Wildlife Park, home to over 200 animals including zebras, sloths, lemurs, bobcats and other exotic species.


All week long:

● Sloth Jeopardy
● Sunrise-to-sunset sloth cam
● Craft sloth enrichment toys
● Take selfies at sloth photo op stations
● Drink a “Sloshy”

October 15: Sloths are easily recognized for their ability to hang upside down. At 12:30pm Wild Florida will host its first-ever ‘hang-like-a-sloth’ contest against guests and the Wild Florida staff.

October 16: At 6pm, participate in a Wild Paint Night Out session where guests can paint their own sloth painting and take their own #slothie with one of Wild Florida's sloths. There will be another opportunity to do this on Thursday, October 19.

October 17: In the spirit of Sloth Week, Wild Florida will be playing iconic movies in their Cypress Ballroom that feature sloths: Zootopia at 12pm and Ice Age at 2:30pm.

October 18: One of Wild Florida’s sloths' favorite snacks is corn on the cob, so Wild Florida will host its first-ever corn eating contest. Guests will also have the opportunity to book a dine with a sloth lunch encounter. If you’re a foodie, then you’ll love this! Wild Florida will be offering a special animal encounter where guests can enjoy lunch from the Chomp House Grill with a furry sloth friend close by.

October 19: Wild Florida will offer guests the opportunity to participate one last time in their Wild Paint Night Out with one of their sloths at 6pm.

October 20: October 20 is International Sloth Day, and to end things with a bang, Wild Florida is inviting guests to be a part of three first-time events. First, at 7:30am Wild Florida will host its Sloth Week Charity 5k down Lake Cypress Road. The charity run is free to participate in, but Wild Florida will be collecting donations to raise funds for the Sloth Conservation Foundation. Later in the day, guests can participate in the world’s largest #slothie on record at 12:30pm inside the Gator Pavilion. Wild Florida is also inviting fans to wear their favorite sloth costume. Saturday will also be the last day guests can dine with a sloth.

Be sure to follow Wild Florida on social media for updates, fun polls, educational tidbits, Sloth Week updates and giveaways throughout the week. Check out for a full schedule of activities.


Learn even more by going inside one of the park's two-toed sloth exhibits with an animal care team member during a sloth encounter. During a sloth encounter, you’ll get a hands-on experience with one of Wild Florida's sloth family members and learn more about each of their unique personalities. You can also book animal encounters with porcupines, lemurs and alligators. 

To book an encounter, visit

Porcupine encounter at Wild Florida