By Autumn Sirmeyer

Here’s an interesting date night for couples who enjoy adventure, history and discovery: Mummies of the World: The Exhibition! The largest collection of mummies ever assembled has made a stop at the Orlando Science Center.

This rare collection first opened to the public on Saturday, June 13th and will remain here until November, 2015. Orlando is the 12th stop on the tour and is honored to have the exhibit as part of their 60th anniversary celebration.

In the exhibit you can encounter a collection of over 45 human and animal mummies, plus related artifacts from South America, Europe, and Ancient Egypt. And yes, all the mummies in the exhibit are real and were once living and breathing people, the same as you and me.

mummies 3

In the exhibit you can encounter mummies that are thousands of years old all the way to a mummy who is only 20 years old. This mummy, known as MUMAB, is a modern day man-made mummy created in 1994 created by two scientists in Maryland.

For my husband, who has loved Indiana Jones since he was a little kid, I knew this place would be a hit! It really gives you the archaeologist point of view more than the “spooky-Hollywood-wrapped-in-bandages” point of view. The exhibit has many interactive and hands-on stations (for those who are kinesthetic learners like me) and of course a gift shop so that you can remember your trip forever.

Tickets are on sale now at Orlando Science Center.

Adults: $27.00
Seniors and Students: $ 24.00
Youth (3-11) $18.00
Members: $10.00
Florida Teachers: $12.00

For more information please visit

mummies of the world 2