SAK Comedy Lab

Be prepared to laugh until your gut hurts. SAK Comedy Lab, the improvisational show reminiscent of Who’s Line is it Anyway, is one of the best and most unique date night offerings in downtown Orlando.

There is no script for these off-the-cuff shows—only suggestions volunteered from the audience, which means each night unfolds completely differently. In just a few seconds, the masterful troop of actors creates characters, scenes and songs to the utter delight of audience members inside the 250-seat theater at the CityArts Factory.

Before the show or during the intermission, attendees can grab beer or wine from the onsite concession lobby. The theater’s central location makes it easy to pair this outing with dinner on Church Street or drinks at nearby bars, such as The Woods, The Courtesy Bar or Hanson’s Shoe Repair.

SAK shows are scheduled five nights a week and tickets are typically $17 for general admission and $14 for Florida residents.

Slice of Life
Looking for a great way to mark a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary? Consider arranging a Slice of Life sketch during one of SAK’s Duel of Fools shows. With stories and info provided by you, the actors create a customized, impromptu musical in honor of your sweetie. Cost is $175 and includes admission for the lucky recipient and a DVD of their segment.