One of the most memorable date nights that Marc and I ever went on was when he took me to Christner's (then Del Frisco's) for our 3rd wedding anniversary. Sure, it was a great meal… the food at this steak and lobster fine dining establishment is top notch. But what was even more special was that Marc had reserved a private dining room for us. It was so intimate and romantic.

Turns out there is no extra charge, whatsoever, to book one of Christner's many private dining rooms, including the three or four that are ideal for just one lucky couple. And no food/beverage minimums either. All you need to do is call, reserve and order from the regular menu.

You might not be able to book one for Valentine's Day at this point, but maybe try for the days before or immediately after. Or keep this idea in your back pocket for a special occasion down the line (anniversary or proposal, maybe) when you really want to knock her socks off.