As I sat in OLV Café a few weeks ago, sipping a glass of wine and nibbling away at a flatbread slathered with balsamic vinegar and creamy boursin cheese, a sense of ease and comfort washed over me. “It feels good here,” I thought. “I like being here.”

If was to dissect the psychology of this place, I’d probably say that the lounge chairs, bookcases, and lamp lighting make it feel homey, more like a living room than a restaurant.

There was also the way my server spoke to us as though we’d been coming here for years. I realized that’s because most patrons have. OLV Café is one of those sweet little places that has worked hard to earn a loyal following, mostly local professionals who just want to enjoy their coping mechanism of choice with a reliable meal.
75 + different types of wine are available, so many that you could probably call OLV Café a wine bar without an argument. Most wines are available 2 for 1 during the happy hour, daily from 2pm – 6pm. On Mondays flatbreads are just $5 and an all-you-can-drink promo is offered on Thursdays for $20.

“It’s your alter office, power lunch, Sunday Brunch, after work, early evening, tapas sharing, wine pairing kind of place” touts the website, which really embodies the vibe of OLV. It’s whatever you need it to be.

Full sit-down dinner… check. Quick lunch… check. Small bites with a fun wine or beer flight… check. Lazy Sunday brunch (with bottomless mimosas!)… check.

Located in the Downtown South District, this versatile café may not be in your neck of the woods, but it’s worth the journey, if only to experience the bottomless Sunday mimosas or $5 Monday flatbreads. The hope is OLV will fast become one of your date night favorites, just as it has for so many other loyal couples.

OLV Cafe

25 W Crystal Lake St #175
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 722-5060