By Latisha Mccray

Tonight I had the “spell binding” pleasure of going to the
Magic Mansion presented by See Magic Live. The Magic Mansion is set in the
Historic Dr. Phillips House, which is located in downtown Orlando and provides
the perfect venue for a night of magic and mystery. From the moment you walk
in, you are visually treated to an era gone by, a perfect setting for the
classical art of magic.

The Dr. Phillips house is a grand Victorian house with
several rooms that showcase the different magicians, an outside patio and
courtyard area where the bar and food station is set up, and a beautiful
Victorian Show Room where the magicians host a show every hour. Do not skip the
show! It is a great way to see the more extensive tricks that the magicians do,
and as a bonus they are all pretty funny. My husband and I genuinely enjoyed
meeting the magicians just as much as we enjoyed the shows. They are true
As you walk your way through the house, you will see several
stations where the magicians do “mini” shows. This is the most personal
interaction with a performer that I’ve ever had and it kept me engaged from the
first minute to the last. I found myself completely thrilled as the magic trick
was revealed, and I honestly had no idea of how it happened!

Within 10 minutes
of arriving at the Magic Mansion, my husband and I had been greeted by the
evening’s host, given a rundown of the evening’s attractions, and treated to a
personal magic trick. There was never a lack of things to look at or magic to
watch as the property flows perfectly from one area to the next and before you
know it, you are outside in the beautiful courtyard.

The courtyard also housed
two magicians, tables with candlelight, and the opportunity to grab a snack before
moving on to the other acts of the evening. There is a great variety of
magicians as well, so don’t think you are going to see the same thing over and
over. You will not. You will be treated to not only different types of magic,
but different personalities, and that surprisingly was the stand out treat of
the night. All of the magicians are instantly engaging, not only when they are
performing, but also when they are casually walking amongst the crowd. They
have a great sense of humor, are excited to meet you and honestly make the
night so much more special than I had anticipated.
The Magic Mansion daily from 5pm – 9pm for four nights only October 28-31. I recommend going earlier so you can enjoy the sunset
from the courtyard and the wonderful feel of watching night descend upon the
Mansion. This show serves as the perfect date-night and a chance to capture some nostalgia of a
time gone by, when people really did believe in magic and the happiness it

The Basics

parking is provided which is great because parking in that area is a real
challenge. They offer beer, wine and cocktails at a cash bar and soft drinks
are complimentary. There is also food provided in the back patio area, which
was a perfect place to eat and enjoy the garden area. They say to allot about
two hours for the whole experience and I agree. You don’t want to rush through
this and you MUST see the show in the Victorian Show Room. There is no rhyme or
reason to the order that you visit the magician’s tables, but try to get to as
many as you can. Last but not least, remember to have fun! It’s a great show in
a beautiful location and all of the magicians are fabulous. You will not be

Tickets are $20 online and $30 at the door.