Great news! Now you can book Coupled: The Game Show & Game Night for your next event.

Ideal for churches, social clubs, residential communities, country clubs, and business groups, this fun and interactive event provides an exciting and memorable way to bring people together.

For those of you yet to attend a COUPLED event, Coupled: The Game Show & Game Night is a fun ‘date night’ experience featuring a live game show and interactive game night.

We begin each event with the Game Show, a live and professionally hosted game that gives select couples the chance to compete for prizes while discovering how well they REALLY know each other.

Immediately following the Game Show, couples are invited to participate in Game Night with more interactive revelry, including Twister tournaments, Battle of the Sexes, Dance Freeze, and True or False Derby. In addition, classic board games (Sorry, Connect Four, Jenga, Operation, Headbanz, Trouble, and more) are set up at tables throughout the venue.

Coupled events typically run for 3 hours, ideally from 7pm – 10pm and can be pre-booked throughout Central Florida on select Friday or Saturday nights

Check out this video all about Coupled:

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