I expected to learn a thing or two about sushi during a recent visit to Sushi House to attend the Sushi Date Night. To say that I was not disappointed would be the understatement of the century; I could not have been more surprised and delighted by all the extras the evening entailed.

Couples fork over $80 to participate in this two-hour event, which takes place on select Monday nights each month at Sushi House’s location by Florida Mall. For that fee, they get a sort-of-from-scratch, hands-on schooling in the art of creating five different items.

I say ‘sort of from scratch’ because each couple is given a kit filled with prepared components such as balls of pre-rolled rice and containers of premixed sauces. If you’re the type that would rather start from scratch, opt for the Sushi Class instead, which I'm told is much more technical.

I actually liked skipping some of the more mundane tasks to be able to jump right into putting things like volcano rolls together. And it also meant that we got to the eating part more quickly, which, truthfully, was my favorite.

It’s definitely a casual, lighthearted affair thanks to the humor and personal stories that instructor Dun Chau weaves into his instruction. As he demonstrates a rolling or cutting technique, don’t be surprised when he tosses in a language lesson or imparts some sage advice about acceptable codes of conduct in the Japanese sushi culture. Dousing your sushi in soy sauce, for example, is a no no. You’re only supposed to use a teaspoon for your entire

I also walked away with some great tips for enjoying sushi more, such as always taking the first bite soy sauce free to really enjoy its full flavor, and also chewing a little ginger to cleanse the palate when going from something spicy to something bland.

The night wrapped up with a Saki lesson and tasting, which was equally as enlightening to a total Saki dummy like me. Thankfully, the fact that I have never ordered Saki has possibly saved me from the utter embarrassment of ordering it warm, which Dun says Americans frequently do, much to the chagrin of the chef.

People tell me all the time that when it comes to date night, they want an experience. I would tell those people to check out Sushi Date Night. Part cooking class, part culture lesson, and part etiquette tutorial, the Sushi Date Night at Sushi House is as much of a treat for the palate as it is for the mind. It’s officially date night approved.