Earlier this week I read a great Orlando Sentinel article about atypical races that are taking the typical 5K fun run to new heights. From crawling through mud to being chased by zombies, these extreme-running events are designed to be bizarrely challenging but also extraordinarily memorable. Read the full article.

I know a lot of couples who happily blend exercise and date night. If you’re one of them, here are a few extreme runs (and a few easy ones) coming up in the Orlando area:

Amazing Island Challenge
Styled after the Amazing Race, two person teams are given a list of clues that lead to checkpoints. Racers will travel about 4 miles.
Saturday, March 9
Merritt Island
Level of difficulty: easy

Highlander IV
A 3 and a 6 mile race with at least 35 obstacles.
Saturday, March 16
Level of difficulty: tough

Amazing Race for Charity
Designed for everyone from seasoned athletes to novice runners, the race has start and finish lines, but there are also quirky challenges to test your team’s problem-solving ability, motor skills and sense of humor.
Saturday, April 20
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate

Yakathon II
This event will be similar to a triathlon, but instead of the swimming leg, you will kayak.
Saturday, May 4
Winter Garden
Level of difficulty: tough