A what festival? Actually, it’s exactly how it sounds.

Seven artists have filled a space at Say It Loud (1121 N. Mills Ave., Orlando) with art made from cardboard.

Over the course of three days, the festival, created by The DailyCity, will showcase this unique medium as well as provide a venue for some parties, a pop-up dinner (sold out), and an interactive kids art event hosted by Kids Fringe and Mennello Museum of American Art.

Here are the details:

Opening Night Party
Friday, January 25
6pm – midnight
Opening reception with music and dancing with DJ Nigel and tons of cardboard sculptures filling up the space.
$5 admission (at the door only, cash only)

Pop-up Dinner –  SOLD OUT

Kids Interactive Art Event
Sunday, January 27
10am-11:30am for kids 7 and under
12pm-1:00pm for kids 8 and above
Sponsored and hosted by Kids Fringe and Mennello Museum of American Art
Attendees will get to (1) use cardboard to build and decorate their very own mask, hat, or wings, (2) meet the famed Dog Powered Robot and (3) get a chance to tour the entire exhibit.
$1 admission.

Closing Night Event
Sunday, January 27
7:30pm – midnight
Dog Powered Robot is a fantastic group of cardboard robots defending the world against evil via a robot powered by a pomeranian. Andy Matchett & the Minks is a very popular and fun musical group.
$5 admission (pay at the door, cash only)

Visit CardboardArtFestival.com for more details.

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