SleepwalkWithMe_PosterChristopher Crespo, otherwise known as the Orlando Movie Examiner, shares his picks for movies this weekend….

In Theaters
Playing at the Enzian Theater (itself a perfect place for a date), “Sleepwalk With Me” is a comedy about a stand-up comedian with some life issues, which manifest themselves through a bad case of sleepwalking. Created by real life stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia and This American Life’s Ira Glass, this film has been getting great reviews already so it seems like a sure thing for good date entertainment.

“The funniest, most tender, thoughtful and downright brilliant comedy we’ve seen in years.” – James Mullinger, GQ

At Home
If you’re planning on staying in tonight, then “Magic Mike” is the way to go. It just came out on DVD last week and is available through a variety of streaming sources. Now is the perfect time for people to realize that “Magic Mike” is more than just eye candy for the ladies, it’s actually an honest to God good movie with strong characters and great direction. And no matter who you are, the dance scenes are a riot. You can read my original review of “Magic Mike” right here.


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