SilverLiningsPlaybook_posterChristopher Crespo, otherwise known as the Orlando Movie Examiner, shares his picks for movies this weekend….

In Theaters
Silver Linings Playbook is an unconventional romantic comedy, in that it starts out as a movie about good looking people being crazy but ends up being a sweet rom-com that actually works. This movie is playing at the Regal Winter Park Village 20 and the AMC Downtown Disney 24, so those are two good places with plenty of options to turn this movie into a good date night. Read my full review. 

Moonrise Kingdom came out on DVD recently and it is worth watching, especially if you are into young love, as this quirky and well-made comedy is about a young boy scout who runs away with a local girl into the woods to live together. Tracking them down is the scout master (Ed Norton), the town sheriff (Bruce Willis), the girl’s parents (Bill Murray and Frances McDormand), and the State (Tilda Swinton). Of course hijinked hilarity ensues. Give it a go. Read my full review. 


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