Piciture showMy hubby and I love going to the movies, but geez Louise, by the time we buy tickets and snacks, we’ve spent close to $40.

As appealing as the mega movieplexes are with their stadium seating and seat-side service, I’m just as happy catching a flick at the Picture Show at Altamonte.

Sure, this smallish, slightly retro 8-theater cinema just east of the I4 exit at Altamonte Springs (same plaza as Gold’s Gym and Burlington Coat Factory) is no frills, but when you consider you’ll be paying a fraction of the regular movie cost, I think anyone can learn to appreciate this minimalist movie experience.

Movie tickets are just $1.75 at the Picture Show… and $1 on Tuesdays. Typically the movies playing have been out for a while, but who cares. The selections are still popular flicks. Right now the theater is showing Men in Black 3, Hunger Games, and Snow White and the Huntsman… just to name a few.

Picture show 2Another perk of this frugal find: the snack prices are actually reasonable. 2 sodas and a medium popcorn costs just $7.75.

That’s less than $15 for the whole date night! Not bad, right?!



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