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The Audubon Park Community Market
Handcrafted Jewlery
Handcrafted Jewelry

Who doesn't love a good farmer's market? At a farmer's market you can eat, drink, and shop local, which is great for the community and makes you feel good. It's a stimulating meeting place to mingle with neighbors or hang out with a date.

The only drawback (for me at least): they're usually in the mornings – an inconvenient time for night owls.

Audubon Park Community Market, however, is part of a rising trend of nighttime farmer's markets, complete with gourmet nosh and live music. The market, which sets up every Monday from 6 – 10 p.m (rain or shine) in the parking lot of Stardust Coffee & Video, can be a fun place to have dinner with your honey or even a stop before or after a dinner date.

No matter what time of night you get there, the local vendors have something for everyone. Interested in cooking a romantic dinner? Stock up on fresh produce and meats grown on Central Florida farms. If you're a hungry locavore, choose from gourmet meals and snacks. Vendors include Emma’s Sweets, Isle of Salsa, Orlando City Pasta, and The Smiling Bison.

Want to put a smile on his or her face? Get your special someone a special something from one of the several booths selling beautiful and unique handcrafted jewelry, woodwork, and clothing. You can even buy flowers and plants!

Perhaps the best part of the Audubon Park Community Market is having the ability to go inside the air-conditioned and aromatic Stardust Coffee & Video. Especially in the summer, it gets hot out and the weather can change on a dime. Stardust offers welcome refuge from the elements.

Some of Orlando’s finest small ensemble acoustic, rock, and country music have performed on the makeshift stage at the Audubon Market. Never too raucous, the market is truly the perfect venue for community entertainment.

Take your sweetheart out to the Audubon Park Community Market and show off your environmentally sensitive side.


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