Urban Flats Classic and Black&Blue Flats
 Urban Flats Classic and Black & Blue flatbreads
 The Dessert Lady
 Assorted desserts by the Dessert Lady
 Bento Cafe PBJ Spicy Tuna and Gucci Shrimp rolls
 Bento Cafe PBJ Spicy Tuna and Gucci Shrimp rolls
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The Food Fun Adverture is the perfect date for couples that like to try new things. Offering multi-stop food and drink tours as well as culinary classes and customizable "Couples Night Out" events, Food Fun Adventure introduces guests to the unique flavors of notable Orlando restaurants.

Food Fun Adventure walking tours, given on Saturday afternoons, are more progressive dinners that actual tours. Guests sample 1 to 2 signature dishes and drinks at 5 or 6 restaurants, bars, and bistros. As a discerning gastro-tourist, you get to choose to explore the Orlando neighborhoods of Church Street, Winter Park, International Drive, or Thorton Park and sample their featured fare.  

Food and Fun's newest adventure, a tour of Church Street/Downtown Orlando, allows guests to eat their way through part of the city better known for night clubs and bars than for fine dining. Some of the stops include Mojo's Bar and Grill, Urban Flats, Bento Cafe, Gino's Pizza, and The Dessert Lady. While walking from stop to stop, guides offer historical factoids and point out landmarks, allowing you time to digest and burn a few callories before digging into the next treat.  

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No matter if you're celebrating your partner's birthday or just another day of being together, on your first date or your 100th, Food and Fun Adventure food tours are a great way to expand your pallette and your affection for eachother. 

Tours are three hours and the cost is $69.99 per person. 


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