Jazz tastings2There are only about a dozen tables inside Jazz Tastings, the new jazz club/tapas bar that just opened up halfway between Lake Lily and Enzian in Maitland, and by 8pm on a Saturday night, they’re all full with groups and couples sipping wine and nibbling on small plates of scallops, fried green tomatoes, and crab cakes.

While the food and drink are great, the real reason people come to Jazz Tastings is to listen to live Jazz, which is performed on the smallish stage in the corner of the club Tuesday through Sunday by a rotating list of regional acts.

Since the club is small, you can’t really do much chatting while the band is playing, but hardcore Jazz connoisseurs, of which there are many in the crowd, don’t seem to mind.

Kudos to owners Rory and Cathy (who are always proudly floating through the crowd) for taking a risk and making a lifelong dream come true. I hope lots of date nighters come your way!