Gooddining logFor those philanthropic foodies who’d like to see their dining dollars do more than simply support our local eateries—which is a good cause in and of itself—there is a new website that is allowing diners to donate up to 6% of their bill to a nonprofit of their choosing.

GoodDining,com, which recently launched but already has 3 million members, lets registered users earn donations just by dining at participating restaurants, bars and clubs.

Start by enrolling and registering your credit and/or debit cards. Then, dine out at a participating location on the days when donations can be earned and use a registered card to pay. Donations will automatically be sent to the predetermined nonprofit you select when you register.

What I love about this program is there are no membership cards to carry, coupons to print or numbers to remember. More than 100 Orlando-area establishments have participated as well as around the same number of local nonprofits.

So, next time you head out for some QT, you can feel good knowing your date night made a difference to more than just you. I love it!