I love bookstores. I could spend hours walking up and down the aisles, sifting through book after book. It just so happens that Marc and I are going on vacation in a few weeks (no kids… yahoo) and we need to find some good beach reads. So, tonight's going to be a bookstore date.

You might be thinking… YAWN… but done right, it can actually be really fun. You can split up for a bit, find a book and then reconvene for a latte. You can each select an interesting magazine and take turns chatting about the articles while you split a cupcake. Go on a crazy book hunt, challenging each other to see who can find the most ‘out there' book in the store. Find a quiet corner and giggle over a book on dating or marriage jokes. Peruse the cookbooks for some ideas for your next gourmet, home-cooked date night.

An ideal date night for those times when you're low on money or energy, the bookstore date is a cheap and easy solution you just might love. Why not give it a try?