As I flipped through this week’s Orlando Weekly, I found a peach of an idea for Orlando couples dating on shoestring. Half Off Depot is offering gift certificates to many popular Orlando eateries at 50% off. You buy a $50 gift certificate for only $25. Sweet.

I’ve heard of this concept before but it never tempted me because the so-called gift certificates always came with as much fine print as Obama’s current health care reform bill. Not so with Half Off Depot. Their certificates are NOT coupons and have ZERO restrictions. Just to make sure, I made a quick call to Nonna and K Restaurant and Wine Bar. Sure enough, I was assured you could use these certificates any day of the week, on any menu item, and use as many certificates as you want in one sitting. Now, that’s what I call a great idea.

The list of restaurants currently participating in this program is still pretty short but it’s sure to grow as popularity increases. For now, you can by half off gift certificates for the following places:

K Restaurant Wine Bar
Cafe Trastevere
Eola Wine Company
Red Star Tavern
Vines Grille & Wine Bar
Nonna Trattoria
Brazas Chicken

Half Off Depot