Have a Serene Lakeside Connection…

Hillstone has always been one of my favorite lakeside establishments, but a visit last Saturday night with my hubby has confirmed it… I LOVE Hillstone. While they’ve got great food (the burgers are amazing) I love coming to Hillstone to simply enjoy a glass of wine by the lake. From around 8pm onwards, the dinner rush ends and their outdoor area becomes free of people waiting for their tables.  This means that there’s bound to be a surplus of cozy Adirondack chairs available to slip into. Soft lighting and whispered conversation become the perfect complement to the sound of water lapping against the shores of Lake Killarney. The vista and accompanying ambiance are nothing short of serene. Next time you're looking for a quiet spot to sit and enjoy each other's company, this just might be the perfect place!

Hillstone Restaurant
215 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park
(407) 740-4005