Private Cooking Classes… a lot more affordable than you might think!

For the price of a nice evening out, you and your honey can create a fabulous three or four-course dinner in your home during a private cooking class. SM Creations, an Orlando based food and design consultancy, will work with you prior to your session to gain an understanding of your skill level, likes and dislikes and most importantly, the menu of choice for your evening.

Best of all, they'll do all the prep work for you… they do the shopping, bring tools to your home and provide wine pairing recommendations. You'll work together to create a great meal and when it's all over, SM Creations leaves behind a clean kitchen, wonderful memories and detailed instructions on creating this dinner time and again.

Schedule them for anniversaries and birthdays, or to whenever you want to try something different for a change.

What: Private Cooking Class for Two
When: Anytime, for any occasion
Where: At your home
Who: SM Creations
How Much: Prices start at $100, including instruction and food
More Info: 407.970.3171 or