Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

If I had to sum up the brunch experience at DoveCote in one sentence, it’d be “brunch for people who are somewhat tired of brunch”. As much as I love chicken & waffles and decadent pancakes that are borderline desserts, sooner or later I begin craving something out of the norm. And on that note, DoveCote’s brunch definitely delivers.

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Grapefruit Mimosa

Served every Sunday from 10:30am-2:30pm, brunch here is exactly as it should be: a savory, indulgent meal to linger over accompanied by cocktails just classy enough to enjoy before lunch.

The menu is full of French flavor, from the croque madame to the fine herb omelet, to pastries and hors d’ourves alongside a large selection of brunch only cocktails. And for those in search of some old favorites, fried chicken, mimosas, and bloody marys by the jug are all on the menu too. Whether you want to fully immerse yourself into French-inspired cuisine or toe the line between the new and the familiar, there are plenty of options.

And as far as ambiance, DoveCote is a date night (or day) dream. There are several different dining areas, one resembling a family dining room, along with smaller tables set in window alcoves which creates a more intimate experience. Color is splashed amongst the walls, simple flower arrangements adorn every table, and the space itself is light and bright.

During our recent visit, my brunch date and boyfriend, John, and I both started off the day with drinks. DoveCote makes their own fresh orange and grapefruit juices, so I chose a grapefruit mimosa which was light, refreshing, and just generous enough with the champagne.

John sampled an Americano from the coffee bar, and ended up having a second for dessert.

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

The main dining area of DoveCote offers perfect date night (or day) ambiance.

For food, we both opted to try two of the signature brunch plates: the croque madame (my pick) and the fine herb omelet (his pick).

The croque madame is a feast both for the eyes and the stomach. Thick layers of ham were barely visible amongst the melty gruyere, creamy mornay sauce, and sunny side up egg comprising the fork and knife sandwich. It’s definitely an indulgent feast, but the fresh green salad served on the side was the perfect accompaniment.

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

The Croque Madame made with DC ham, gruyere cheese, mornay sauce, and a sunny egg.

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

The Fine Herb Omelet made with three eggs and boursin cheese, served with green salad.

The fine herb omelet was a definite standout. Incredibly light and fluffy, it’s almost like tasting a cloud; a taste bud experience further amplified by the smooth boursin cheese inside and subtle herb flavor.

I couldn’t resist trying the creme brûlée for dessert and it ended up being my favorite treat of the entire meal. The sugar topping was perfectly crisp and caramelized, cracking like ice, and vanilla bean was visible in every spoonful. The sizable portion is perfect for sharing.

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Creme brûlée dessert

All in all, DoveCote is a notable stamp on your brunch passport. Although tread carefully, you may just never go back to the traditional stuff.


Brunch is served every Sunday from 10:30am-2:30pm. There are plenty of options for free parking nearby, and details can be found here. Reservations can be made online or by calling 407-930-1700 in advance.

View the full brunch menu here.

Here are a few more highlights from our meal:

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Braised Kale, Bacon & Garlic

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Breakfast sausage

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Espresso from the coffee bar

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Dining area

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Bar area and open kitchen

Brunch Buzz: DoveCote

Brunch menu

All images by Stephanie Patterson

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