Win a $1,000 Winter Park Village Date Night
Winter Park Village

Win a $1,000 Winter Park Village Date Night

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this month’s Couple at Large Giveaway with Winter Park Village is going to be a ‘knock your socks off’ date night for one lucky couple.

Located on 17-92 between Lee Road and Fairbanks Avenue, Winter Park Village is a best bet for dining, nightlife, shopping and pampering. For this special giveaway, Winter Park Village will host one lucky couple for a spectacular date extravaganza.

The pampered pair will be spoiled beyond their wildest dreams for one special day and night of romance that includes brand new date night duds, dinner, drinks, movies and spa indulgences. The entire prize package is worth over $1,000.

This full-day couples experience includes:

The Couple at Large will have just one favor to return: they will be tasked with reporting back with a short, first-person blog about their experience, including original photos, due on or before February 8, 2017. (Read about our 2016 winner’s experience here).

The experience can be scheduled any time between January 16 and February 5, 2017, based on availability. All components of the prize to be redeemed on the same day.

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WINNER: Lisa Ngai

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and cross your fingers. You and your sweetie can each enter… double your chances.

The winner will be chosen—completely at random—on Friday, January 13, 2017 using the Rafflecopter’s random winner generator. Watch your email that morning; that’s how we’ll be contacting the winner. We’ll also be announcing the winner on Twitter and Facebook.

Note: Please be sure you are viewing this page in a browser (not a reader) in order to see the entry widget.

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RULES & RESTRICTIONS: No purchase necessary. Must be 21+ to enter/win. This prize must be redeemed in its entirety by February 5, 2017. Tax is included but gratuity is not. Advance reservations required. The winner will be responsible for claiming this prize in their 2017 taxes. In the event that a prizewinner is disqualified for any reason, the prize will be awarded to an alternate winner at random. All prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions will be made. Read the entire Official Rules and Terms.


  1. Pick Me!!!!!!!!! Its my birthday too!!!!! 🙂

  2. My boyfriend and I haven’t been on a date in over a year! 🙁 Please pick me! 🙂

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  5. Alisha Nicholson-Ting

    Pick me!

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  10. Pick me!!!! This would be so fun!

  11. Christopher Collins

    Pick Me!!

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  14. Pick me!!!!!!!!

  15. Pick me! We’re going to have our second child this year and would love an amazing date before we’re housebound for a while!

  16. Pick me! 🙂

  17. Pick me please!

  18. Pick me! This is an amazing opportunity! Thank you!

  19. Pick me!! Yay!

  20. Pick Me!

  21. PICK ME!…………..please!!!!!!!!

  22. Pick me please!!! ☺

  23. Danielle Hounshell

    New to the area. Would love to get out and explore!

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  25. Pick me/us!!

  26. Would be a great Bday AND Vday gift! Pick me 🙂

  27. Melissa Westerby

    Pick me!

  28. Pick me 🙂

  29. Pick me!! 🙂

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  33. This would be an amazing 20th wedding anniversary treat 🙂

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  35. Pick me pretty please! 🙂 This would be the best in-town honeymoon ever!

  36. Pick Me

  37. Pick me 🙂

  38. Danielle Salzeider

    Pick Me!

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  40. Pick meeeeeeeee!

  41. PICK ME! This is amazing 🙂 thank you so much for the opportunity!

  42. pick me!! w00t!

  43. Pick Me!

  44. Please pick me! Pinky promise to post the blog and take pictures throughout the day! 🙂

  45. This would be amazing for me and my hubby!

  46. Pretty please!
    Pick me!

  47. pick me

  48. Elizabeth Rosario

    I’m in!

  49. Pick me!! This looks like so much fun!!

  50. Please. Please…my husband and I need this oh so bad…. <3

  51. Klainie Nedoroscik

    pick me!
    This sounds so great!

  52. Pick me please 🙂

  53. Pedro Rafael Cruz

    pick me

  54. Erin VanNorstrand

    Pick me

  55. Pick me, Namaste, thanks for the opportunity

  56. Pick me please’

  57. Daniel Chancellor

    Love Winter Park Village.

  58. Jamie Chancellor

    pick me!!!

  59. Please pick me! Thanks for this!

  60. Alistair MacGowan

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  62. Gamze Cindy Golbas

    Pick me !

  63. Pick me!

  64. Pick Me ☺

  65. Pick Me!!! This would be AMAZING and very much needed!!! Plus a Birthday gift to me!!!

  66. Rosemarie timothy

    Pick me!

  67. Pick me, please!

  68. Please pick me!!!!

  69. PI know me, Please! We NEED this desperately.

  70. Pick me, Please! We NEED this desperately.

  71. Please pick me! My husband and I need this so badly. Thank you for the opportunity.

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  73. Emanuela Briscese

    pick me please!!!! 🙂

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  85. Christopher Marsh

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  87. Pick me! Pick us! Thank you!!!! Love the Date Night Guide!

  88. Pick Me! : )

  89. Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  90. Pick me!

  91. Pick me please!!! Valentines Day 2013 is the date I knocked on my now-husbands door in Delaware. By July he’d sold his home in Delaware and moved to Orlando to begin our life together!! This would be an amazing surprise for my Fairy Tale Prince!!!

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  93. Orlando Date Night is awesome!!!

  94. Pick me!!! 🙂

  95. Pick me!

  96. I would love to win this prize. I will be moving to Orlando to start my new job as a nurse in March. This would be an awesome gift before I take my NCLEX-RN.

  97. I want to go there! This will be my Belated Christmas gift before my baby twins born….Pick me please!!!

  98. Jessica stechenfinger

    Ooo pick me!!! :D!!!

  99. Happy New Year!
    Good luck everyone.

  100. Pick me
    Pick me!!!!

  101. Pick me! We need romance sooooo bad! Love Winter Park!

  102. My New Year’s Resolution is hopefully winning this.
    Fingers crossed!

  103. Pick Me!

  104. I really need a date night!

  105. What an amazing opportunity!!

  106. Please pick me!

  107. Katherine Coronado

    Pick me! Please!

  108. Pick Me! 🙂

  109. This sounds like a fairy tale! Pick me! =)

  110. PICK ME!! This all sounds awesome.

  111. Thank you… I look forward to more fun at the Winter Park Village!

  112. Pick Me!!! My fiance and I would love this!!!

  113. Pick me!

  114. Felicia Nicole Vestal

    Ahhh i need this. Would be such a good date with my mom

  115. Pick me, pretty please!

  116. Pick meeeeeee!!!!

  117. Pick me!!!!!

  118. Jonathan W Burger

    Pick me!

  119. Pick Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my wife’s birthday

  120. I love Orlando Date Night guide and use it all the time for new date night and event ideas! I recommend it to everyone. Pick me!!

  121. Pick Me 🙂

  122. pick me 🙂

  123. Pick me! This sounds like an awesome date day.

  124. Now that Benny is one year old i am ready for a date night out with my hubby! Plus: I had the flu on my birthday and need to make up for that. Pick me!!!

  125. Pick me this year!

  126. Pick Me!! I love Orlando Date Night!!

  127. Pick Me

  128. Pick me!! 🙂 It’s our 6 year anniversary too, so this would be lovely 🙂

  129. This would be amazing!!

  130. Pick me!!!!
    Would love to win this, hubby and I sure need some time alone..

  131. Pick me

  132. Pick me!! Pick me!! February 5th is my 30 birthday!! I’m a mom of 3 under 4! Some pampering and alone time would be heaven!

  133. Pick me (us)! My girlfriend will be super surprised to have this experience. Her birthday is at the end of the month and mine is at beginning so not only would this be a fabulous date night but we could celebrate our birth month in style! And she’s totally good with shopping the mens department….plus she likes when I dress her! So a shopping date, dinner and massage sound incredible.

  134. Pick me! My wife and I have three kids, ages 5, 2, and 8 months. We love the family we’ve built, but it can be all-consuming, and we have very few real date nights throughout the year. I got us a subscription to the Orlando Date Night Club for Christmas to help with our nights out, and winning this raffle would be the BEST Valentine’s gift ever!! Fingers crossed!!

  135. Pick me 🙂 We’re saving up for our wedding, so date nights are few and far between!

  136. Aww we had a baby recently so this would definitely be great. Pick me!

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  148. Pick me! A poor college girl trying to take care of her and her man for valentine’s day 🙂

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  154. I just found Orlando Date Night Guide and am now a member of the Date Night Discovery Club. I love it!!!!

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  157. Newly Wed here! Please Pick Us! 🙂

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  162. Pick Me!!! My wife and I need a night out! GREAT contest…..

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  164. We would love this!!!

  165. Pick US!

  166. Thanks for the great contest and Happy New Year to all!

  167. What an amazing prize package. Thanks for the giveaway WPV!

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  170. Jennifer Papoula

    Pick me! Please 🙂

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  174. Please pick meeeeee and my honey!

  175. Please pick me! My husband and I never get a nice date night to ourselves! We would absolutely love this!

  176. Juan L Belpre Jr

    pick me

  177. “pick me”

  178. Pick Me! Best Birthday present ever since the drawing takes place on my birthday! <3

  179. Shana Coulthurst

    PICK ME!!! I’d love to win this and surprise my bf with it! <3

  180. Please pick me! Thank you!

  181. Pick me

  182. Pick me please

  183. Pick me!! My husband and I just recently moved to Orlando and this would be a great celebration! 🙂

  184. Pick me!!!!! 🙂

  185. Pick Me

  186. Absolutely love Winter Park Village, blogging and being able to share all of the amazing places that donated. Please PICK ME or pick us 🙂 Best of luck to all!

  187. Pick Me!!!!!!



  189. Pick Me! Happy New Year!

  190. Pick me!!!!!!!

  191. Please pick me!

  192. I just have to win this and do need to win!

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  194. Wisangeles Walker

    Pick Me! I would love to have this date with my boyfriend! <3

  195. I’d love to win! Pick me please!

  196. I’d love to win! Pick me please!

  197. I love Winter Park and I hope to win! Pick Me!

  198. Pick me. Wife deserves pampering for having to deal with me

  199. Pick me please, this would be an amazing day! 🙂

  200. Pick Me!

  201. We love the Orlando Date Night Guide. So happy this exists!

  202. Pick me! My fiancee and I just got engaged!

  203. Pick me please!

  204. Pick me!!!!! Trying t do something special before me and my girlfriend have to split up because of our jobs and this would be a great last way to tell her I love her!

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  210. Pick me, pretty please!

  211. Pick Meeee! Mr. Hollis

  212. Michelle Sanderson

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  213. Pick Me!! (It’s our anniversary January 26th so a great way to celebrate!)

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  218. Sounds like a great deal!

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  223. After 20 years we could really use this!!

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  229. Absolutely praying that you pick me. <3

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  232. PICK Me!! Husband and I haven’t been on a proper date since our son was born LAST January..

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  236. pick me!!!

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