Looking for a date night where both you and your date can get in touch with your creative sides? Consider checking out Orlando Museum of Art’s (OMA) Art Night Out, a monthly series designed to let you spend an evening creating different art pieces under the instruction and guidance of an art teacher. At the end of the night, you not only get to take home a DIY masterpiece, but you also build a new sense of creative confidence and deeper connection with whoever was fortunate to share this artistic evening with you.

OMA Art Night Out 4 (small)

The monthly series is from 6-8pm on the last Wednesday of the month, and each class has a different theme. The class price is $25 for OMA members and $30 for all others, and pre-registration is required due to limited space. The class price includes all materials, direction and guidance from the art teacher, and your choice of an adult beverage (or water if you’re not of age).

OMA Art Night Out 7(small)

On May 25, OMA held a Recycled Materials class, with the theme for the night being focused on using recycled/salvaged materials and objects destined for scrapyards to create a unique piece of art. It allowed people the opportunity to learn that anything can be art. There were keyboards, old toys, buttons, cardboard, computer parts and even wiring from electronics. The point was to let your imagination run wild and not let your boundaries and conceptions of art define what makes “traditional art supplies.”

OMA Art Night Out 8(small)

Lindsay Thibault was the art instructor for this class. Lindsay Thibault is an art teacher at Lake Silver Elementary School. She says she has done similar assignments with her students to get them to think outside of the box. For this class, she gave more guidance than instruction, helping participants when needed.

Upcoming “Art Night Out” Events

Let’s Get Plastered featuring Brenda Bartnick
June 29
This class explores plaster casting and using plaster gauze to cast different body parts of items. The plaster casting is a two-person process, so people must sign in pairs—perfect date night!

Exercises in Alternative Comics and Zines featuring Anna Cruz
July 27
This class breaks down the world behind comics and explores the growing world of alternative comics and the art behind them. The class will feature collage and short drawing exercises.

For more information and registration, visit omart.org/education/class/art_night_out.

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