Saturday Mornings in Downtown Winter Garden


Last Saturday I was in downtown Winter Garden for a photography class. Rather than sit in a classroom and talk about taking pictures, we wandered along Plant Street and took them. Besides upping my photog skills, I also left that day with a new appreciation for downtown Winter Garden. With its independently owned cafes, ice cream parlors, one-off shops, and stellar farmer’s market, turns out Winter Garden is a fabulous place for Orlando couples to spend a Saturday morning day date.


3 Responses to “Saturday Mornings in Downtown Winter Garden”

  1. Nikita

    Ms.Bee’s Candy shop is the best! the pop corn is amazing and the candy is fresh and delicious. its my favorite place in downtown WG

  2. Kelli

    My daughter has softball tournaments out that way and I’m looking forward to checking out Winter Garden on a Saturday she has a game. Looks very charming to stroll around!


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