Peek a boo


By Justin Braun

Peek-A-Boo Lounge is Orlando’s longest running burlesque review. Presented in the hip, swanky, and dimly lit 1960’s Las Vegas-themed Stardust Lounge, the show is filled with talented and lovely ladies skilled at tantalizing audiences with a classy and classic striptease.

Having never experienced live burlesque, my date and I recently decided to be adventurous and attend a performance of Peek-A-Boo Lounge burlesque. It was a delightfully sexy affair.

I was strongly advised to call ahead to reserve a booth or table because the monthly event draws large crowds. I’m glad I did. When we arrived, we had a booth reserved for us next to the runway/stage allowing for an almost private viewing. Even though doors opened at 9pm, the show didn’t start until 10:30pm, and by then the club was cramped with a diverse crowd of thrill-seeking Orlando locals. If you have made a reservation, there is no rush to get there early (unless you’re really thirsty).

With the perfect mix of comedy, extravagance, eroticism, and drink specials, a night inside the Peek-A-Boo Lounge will absolutely leave you and your date electrified. The emcee and the dancers interact with members of the audience throughout the performances, which makes the whole affair that much more inviting. We loved it.

By the way, even though the burlesque dancers never get completely naked, I’d still recommend checking in with your date ahead of time about whether this is something he/she would be comfortable with. This isn’t one of those ‘I’ve got a surprise for you’ kind of moments.

Stardust Lounge hosts Peek-A-Boo burlesque every third Wednesday of the month. Visit the Stardust Lounge website for more information.

UPDATE: Peek-A-Boo is now scheduled on the first AND third Wednesday of each month, beginning at 10pm. 


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